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Shastic - Text messages - MeridianLink integration

AVP at a credit_union ($399MUSA)
Does anyone use Shastic to send Text Messages to your Members?  I recently attended a webinar that highlighted how it is integrated with MeridianLink, so you can send Text messages to Applicants applying for Accounts or Loans online.  Currently, we use the Secure Messages function within MeridianLink, which also sends them an Email to let them know to log into MeridianLink to see the messages.  However, if they could get messages directly on their phone via text it would be easier to reach the Member quickly  I am curious if anyone is using it, and if you like it.

    Captive Insurance

    Manager at a bank ($11MUSA)
    Does anyone have any experience with Captive Insurance? We are a trust company who are having an influx of custody accounts for Captive Insurance entities. What are the BSA/AML risks here? (I'm new to the only-trust/custody world, always have been in traditional depository financial institutions, and Captive Insurance is a new concept to me, as well.) Thanks!