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FDiTech - Conducting Business With Banks, A Guide for FINTECHs and Third Parties

AVP at a bank ($741MUSA)
I wish all of the FINTECHs would read this guide issued by FDiTech in conjunction with the FDIC.  Perhaps if more FINTECHs would become aware of FI needs, requirements, and compliance considerations, when I ask for certain due diligence materials I might not get the response, "Well, I have never had anyone ask me for that before."  That tired old answer from FINTECHs worn out.  I may attach a copy of this guide to future RFPs.

    BAI - "Expert Opinion" Compliance Support

    Employee at a credit_union ($210MUSA)
    Hello Everyone,
    I've read through many discussions here on CBANC regarding BAI and their online training courses. 
    However, I'm looking for feedback on the compliance support that they provide through the Learning and Development section of their site. Anyone willing to share their experiences; good or bad?

      Free Webinar | Considerations for Automating AML Monitoring | Earn 1 CAMS Credit

      Friday, September 20, 2019
      2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT
      Presented by Kevin Gulledge, CAMS
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      Financial institutions have many choices when it comes to AML solutions. These solutions can be very complex in nature, or they can sometimes be very basic. Join us for this free webinar where we will discuss the top issues that bank and credit union management faces when selecting, implementing, and using an automated AML monitoring software solution. We will look at the challenges faced by the financial institutions including discussions about policies and procedures, customer and transactional data, budget constraints, core systems, teller systems and more.
      Join to learn:
      • Understand the different types of automation that can support your financial institution’s BSA/AML program
      • Identify common points of failure that institutions may have in implementing a solution along with recommended solutions
      • Explain the implications that your BSA Program and Policies and Procedures may have on vendor or software selection
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        Exporting HMDA data from ComplianceOne Mortgage to another software program for editing

        Manager at a bank ($1.9BUSA)
        We are needing guidance on how to export HMDA Data from ComplianceOne Mortgage and then import it into a seperate software like RATA or Trupoint for editing. Can anyone give us any guidance on if they currently do this?   When we contact ComplianceOne Lending they tell us we can export HMDA into a txt file, but only 25 records at a time and there is not an option within the lending program to export the data.      We currently have over 800 HMDA loans and we are looking to get a new software vendor to help us edit the data and run reports. etc.

        Thanks in advance for all the comments to follow.


          Employee at a bank ($1.3BUSA)

          Wondering if anyone in the industry is using IGEL OS.
          Any input on Security, Manageability and end user experience is appreciated.