New CBANC member benefit: CBANC Network announces the acquisition of Lendwell

Pleased to announce a new benefit for the CBANC community.  We've acquired Lendwell, a mortgage settlement services provider used by hundreds of small- and mid-sized FIs. 

Our acquisition of Lendwell is the next step in our strategy of unlocking the power of cooperation and the collective purchasing power of thousands of financial institutions within the CBANC Network. The Lendwell platform will help our network members reduce the cost of lending operations while improving their ability to serve their customers.

FIs can expect to save up to two hours of time per mortgage file and 15-20% on services like AVMs, property assessments, flood certifications and many others. Best of all, there's no up front fee for CBANC members, and it'll take about half an hour to get up and running with Lendwell.

Learn more and start the sign-up process at

    How many different programs or services do you currently use in your Mortgage Loan or Heloc process? More than two?

    You should take a look at our partners at Lendwell. You could get everything from:
    •    Automated Valuation Models
    •    Closing Services
    •    Document Preparation
    •    Flood Determination
    •    Legal & Vesting Reporting
    •    Lien Protection
    •    Property Appraisals
    •    Property Condition Reports
    •    Property Reports
    •    Title Insurance

    Get everything you need in one place. See more about Lendwell and Download our attachment.

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