TOPIC: Business Accounts

Account for Insurance Companies and AML Procedures

Person at a credit_union ($531MUSA)
We have a business account for an insurance company and while going through the due diligence process our monitoring software asked the insurance company has BSA/AML policies and procedures in place. Is this something that we are required to monitor? Are we required to ask them this question? Any input that any one has would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    How to verify business users in Q2 Central?

    AVP at a bank ($447MUSA)
    After a business user is created, we ask the user to complete a document answering a security question and providing us with a PIN.  This document gets scanned into our core and when the business users call in we go to our core to verify them. We are able to use Q2 Central to verify retail users since their SSN is shown. We will be starting to have phone support afterhours and on weekends and will not be giving them access to our core.  How are others utilizing Q2 Central to verify business users?