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Self-Directed Solo 401k

VP at a bank ($268MUSA)
We have a customer requesting a checking account for his self-directed 401k plan.  If you have opened this type of account did you have the customer sign a disclaimer to acknowledge that the bank is not responsible for anything connected to the 401k?   Does anyone have a copy of a disclaimer that they would be willing to share?

    BID ARTICLE: Community Financial Institutions And Social Change

    Over the past year, the values of tolerance and equality have increased in importance for the US population in general. We look at how some financial institutions are reviewing their values and communicating with their employees and customers in light of this shift in today’s article. Read Article

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        Pricing by NAICS/Industry

        VP at a bank ($292MUSA)
        Is anyone out there using NAICS/Industry as a variable for pricing?  I've heard of some pricing differently for owner occupied vs. non-owner occupied CRE, but am wondering what people are doing for C&I?

        Has anyone considered charging a higher interest rate on restaurants for example since they might be considered a higher risk, or a higher rate on a business that might require a higher rate of enhanced due diligence such as an all cash business?   

          Foreign Transaction Fees

          Manager at a bank ($83MUSA)

          We're in the middle of a vendor conversion and have decided to allow foreign debit card transactions to customers while traveling. Does anyone know where to find the fee guidelines under Mastercard? We need to re-disclose before enabling the service but can't find anything around fee thresholds. Any guidance is much appreciated!