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Barclays' Outlook on Coronavirus Impact - Trade, Economy, Banking System Resilience, etc.

Hi CBANC community! I wanted to share some market insight we received from our banking partner, Barclays. Just one opinion and obviously there's still a lot left to unfold but figured I'd share! Doc attached for download as well. 

Brief summary of the Barclays coronavirus client call on Friday:

  • Significant reduction in global growth prospects for H1 expected, with impact greatest in particularly vulnerable regions (China, Japan, South Korea, Europe)
  • Most impacted parts of the economy include the travel sector, commodities (particularly oil) and SMEs
  • Ongoing uncertainty about outlook beyond H1, driven largely by uncertain public health forecast and effectiveness of virus containment and economic measures
  • Coordination of monetary and fiscal policy to respond to the crisis is not only encouraged, but also expected (i.e. “baked into” market expectations) – as a result, expect little impact when it does occur but significant adverse impact when it doesn’t (see market response to ECB not reducing rates last week)
Banking system resilience
  • Banking system is more resilient to respond to a credit crunch due to reforms on bank capital and liquidity requirements put in place in response to the Global Financial Crisis
  • As a result, risk of systemic failure emanating from the financial system have reduced (but not disappeared)
  • Trading floors globally have not been stress tested to a scenario where everyone has to work from home to date; however, in Asia there have been contingency measures in place for the past 4-6 weeks requiring staff to work from multiple locations, with little to no impact on functioning of global capital markets 
Capital markets
  • Turbulent forecast even prior to coronavirus, due to unstable US/China trade outlook and Brexit
  • In moments of market uncertainty, there is typically a shift towards “save haven” assets (e.g. USD, JPY, gold). However, what we have seen over the past 1-2 weeks is a flight to liquidity (even gold price declined) as institutional investors engage in broad liquidation of their positions in an attempt to manage risk
  • In FX markets:
    • Volatility is back both among G10 and especially emerging markets currencies
    • Emerging markets liquidity has deteriorated over the past 1-2 weeks, trades executed at wider spreads
    • G10 liquidity has been more stable with lower impact on spreads (impact particularly felt on forwards)
  • Last week capped the most turbulent stretch since 2008

  • Barclays do not currently see any extraordinary requests about additional working capital – utilisation levels in line with expectations
  • Feedback from corporate clients as follows: (i) lower stock and inventory levels, (ii) lower orders and production levels, (iii) cutbacks in production days, (iv) difficulty in finding additional suppliers to reduce their concentration risk
  • Sporadic but patchy reports that Chinese production is starting to come back to normal; however, these improvements likely to be offset by disturbances to both demand and supply in Western economies that are undergoing lockdowns
  • As this becomes a demand problem, quality of debtors becomes important – likely to result in working capital issues

    Earnings Credit/ECR

    SVP at a bank ($96.1BUSA)
    Reaching out for guidance on using Earnings Credit (ECR) for covering third-party vendor services - do people use bulk contracting and invoice the underlying clients or simply rebate/refund a client's bill on agreed services.   Examples being accounting software, CPA prep, or payroll...     Also on payroll, anyone had success including the HR benefits add-ons for ECR (as all the payroll companies now sell HR services too).   Thanks !

      Top Things to Consider Before Going Public

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        Small Commercial Loans

        Director at a Company (USA)
             Would anyone be willing to share how "small" commercial loans are underwritten at their bank?  Do you have a streamlined presentation and approval process?  Do you use a scoring model, either purchased or developed in-house? Thanks! 

             Originally Posted by Chris Olney, Senior Vice President / Chief Credit Officer of North Valley Bank, on 23 May 2019 to CBANC FI Professionals Community.

          Payroll services

          Person at a bank ($944MUSA)
          I am looking for any suggestions of 3rd party payroll services that you may currently offer at your Institution?  We have used Sage/PayChoice in the past but they were recently purchased by another company and I am not impressed so far with their services.  We would like to offer another solution but would love to hear your suggestions before I look any further.  Thanks in advance!

            Training for Small Business Bankers

            Employee at a bank ($646MUSA)
            We are working on building a training program for our Universal Banker III position, which will be a small business banker. We've found that many of our experienced UBs are great wil building relationships with customers but don't have a lot of experience asking the right questions to business owners, or even knowing what it takes to run a small business and what concerns they might have. We'd like to design a program that helps them understand how small businesses run. What resources are you using to train your small business bankers? Does anyone have a training outline they're willing to share or any deliverables? Thank you!

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              Digitizing loans from beginning to end can reduce turnaround time, allowing institutions to provide decisions more quickly and transparently. In fact, in a recent survey by the Federal Reserve, 63% of small business owners said speed was what primarily drove them to use an online lender instead of the traditional bank.

              By turning to automation, lending and credit professionals will be able to focus on those aspects of a loan decision that require more intense analysis instead of spending time on duplicative data entry and tracking down components of an application.
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                Policy & Procedures for Banking Hemp

                Employee at a credit_union ($313MUSA)
                Hello Folks,

                We are beginning the research phase in hopes to learn a bit more about banking hemp related businesses.  We are looking for other credit unions and banks within the state of Oregon who might be willing to share their policies, procedures and best practices.  What are some of the positive and negative outcomes from opening accounts for these businesses?

                We appreciate any and all feedback.
                Thank you!

                  Guardian Analytics

                  Manager at a bank ($488MUSA)
                  Do any of you also use Guardian Analytics for Business Online & ACH anomaly detection? We're in the early stages of implementation and data gathering, but I was hoping some more seasoned users would be willing to share their daily process and what you look for/review. Thanks in advance!