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BID ARTICLE: Inquiry & Insight: Compliance, AI, Strategic Initiatives

Readers of the BID recently asked us about compliance management systems, AI to improve customer experience, and re-evaluating strategic initiatives. We provide our insight in today's article. Read Article

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    CARES Act RMD Waiver

    AVP at a bank ($809MUSA)
    For those of you that had filed the 5498s by the May deadline prior to the IRS extending the deadline to August, if you had marked that an RMD was required, how are you handling the scenario?

    We have sent a letter to notify our customers they no longer have an RMD for 2020 but haven't amended those 5498s as of yet. We have spoken with our consultant and they have stated the IRS hasn't released guidelines to that issue, but that they would recommend amending all of the 5498s that had RMD required noted, even though we have notified the customers of the waiver. 

    What is your institution doing for those 5498s?

      Ledger Balance - Overdrafts

      VP at a bank ($217MUSA)
      We use the account ledger balance, less holds on deposits, to determine whether to pay an overdraft. We are revising our Terms & Conditions document, hoping someone can share the language used in their T&C for those that use the ledger balance method? Thanks in advance!

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          Appraisal Field Reviews - 10% requirement -

          Employee at a bank ($667MUSA)
          Hello - looking for clarification regarding the quantity of required Field Reviews.  While reading thru the Fannie Mae QC section - states an appraisal field review is needed for 10% of mortgage loans selected for QC?  - Is this for all loan programs or just the FHA loans? We have been completing 10% field reviews - based off total FHA loans - not all loan programs?  - Please advise