TOPIC: Compliance

Political Fund Account

SVP at a credit_union ($463MUSA)
This is new to us, does anyone have a procedure or experience with accounts for the purpose of political fund raising? Should they be treated like a business/corporation, how do we define the legal entities for this account?

It seems like these would be a high risk account from a BSA standpoint, are you aware of any special practices?

As a credit union, are we prevented from opening these kinds of accounts?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Foreign person joint owner on existing account - Permanent Res Alien card expired

AVP at a bank ($520MUSA)
We have a situation that I'm looking for some advice on. 

At the time of account opening, the foreign person had a valid, non-expired Permanent Resident Alien card, which has just recently expired. The other joint owner (US citizen) has a legal name change, and our procedures require an updated signature card, along with updated identification/information. There's a possibility that the foreign person does not have any non-expired US government-issued ID (i.e. passport w/visa). (They presented a current Mexican driver's license as their ID.) If not, it would certainly bring into question whether or not they are here legally, but not sure it's the bank's job to police that either. CIP was completed at the time of account opening. So, I'm not questioning CIP. 

For any other customer who is a US person, we would require updated valid, non-expired ID, but we may allow for an exception for a short period of time for them to get it to us. We've never had a situation where we weren't able to obtain it. 

Making an assumption that this person won't be able to produce an acceptable form of current valid US ID, what would your next steps be? Would you close the account and only allow an account for the other joint owner who is a US citizen and has valid ID?