TOPIC: Compliance

Webinar: Running a Dynamic Asset/Liability Management Committee

Monday, November 18, 2019
2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT

Today’s economic environment demands that asset/liability management (ALM) teams are identifying and acting on opportunities quickly. The old ways of ALM operations are much different in inverted or negative yield environments. Having a firm risk assessment and plan for future financial performance is the backbone of the Asset/Liability Management Committee’s (ALCO) role. It is the requirement for a robust process for measuring and managing relationships between risk and return.

The ALM process should not be limited to one that “checks the box” of meeting regulatory requirements. Financial institutions and ALCOs with a dynamic ALM process are able to inform good decision-making related to both strategy and risk.

Join this webinar to learn:
  • What it looks like to be a dynamic ALM-oriented institution today
  • How to make good decisions in different rate environments
  • How to integrate other decision-making models to determine the best loan terms, rates, and funding source
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    Credit Cards and rate changes after an acquisition

    VP at a bank ($1.1BUSA)
    I am very interested to learn from those that have acquired another institution that had credit cards how you handle those accounts. Specifically, if you were able to change the rate or if there were any 12 month requirements. For example, we are being told that we cannot change the rate on any cards that were opened less than 12 months ago. We have disclosed the new rate and terms 45 days prior to change, we issued new plastic, and now we are being told that on the accounts that are opened less than 12 months the rate must stay the same. I have read some articles that would agree with this but I am hoping that someone has an exception that I am missing for acquisitions. Is this even a scenario where this would apply since it's a new card, new card number, new account with our institution? 

      Ncontracts November Webinar - On Guard: Strengthening Risk Assessments in Key Areas of Regulatory Scrutiny 11/25/19 @ 3:00 PM ET

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      Financial institutions are tasked with keeping consumers and the banking system safe. That includes regular risk assessments identifying, assessing, measuring, mitigating, and monitoring risk in areas like information security, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, ACH, Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering, and identity theft.

      What does an effective risk assessment of these areas look like and how can an institution ensure risk is properly managed at all levels? Join Ncontracts’ Michael Carpenter and Ann Davidson from Allied Solutions as they discuss best practices for:
      • Recognizing hot risk areas and common oversights
      • Making data-driven risk decisions
        • Differentiating between controls and scoring
        • Understanding the relationship between risks and goals
      • Effectively communicating internally to understand risk tolerances
        • Managing risks vs. managing tasks
      Don’t miss this opportunity gain insights to shoring up risk management in areas of increased regulatory scrutiny and determine how your institution’s risk assessments compare with industry ideals.

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        Remote Deposit Capture Risk Assessment

        Manager at a bank ($349MUSA)
        Is anyone willing to share their Remote Deposit Capture Risk Assessment? We are currently reviewing ours and questioning some of the content (not sure of the origin of the original assessment -- it was built by individuals who have since retired). Thanks in advance!

          Terms and Condition Change Mail out (Cover Page)

          VP at a bank ($897MUSA)
          So according to state law in Texas (Section 34.302 of the Texas Finance Code ), it appears we are supposed to send changes to our deposit contract (AKA Terms & Conditions) in writing. Well our new terms and conditions are too long to send a simple notice of changes, so we are needing to mail out the whole new set of terms. Therefore, I am wanting to send a cover sheet informing our customer what we are sending and the fact that these new set of terms and conditions apply to all deposit accounts (So I can send one to customers with multiple accounts). Does anyone have one already made you wouldn't mind sharing?