TOPIC: Deposit Accounts

Ledger Balance - Overdrafts

VP at a bank ($217MUSA)
We use the account ledger balance, less holds on deposits, to determine whether to pay an overdraft. We are revising our Terms & Conditions document, hoping someone can share the language used in their T&C for those that use the ledger balance method? Thanks in advance!

    Deposit Account Migration Disclosure Requirements

    Employee at a bank ($711MUSA)
    Hello, we are planning on converting old outdated savings accounts to our current savings accounts. The terms from the old outdated accounts remain the same as what we offer in the new savings accounts. It is almost just a name conversion at this point. Is there any required disclosure since nothing is technically changing but the name of the account? We do plan on sending a statement message or notification. Thanks.  

      Business Analytics AMS/PAL - Combining report with Premier package

      Employee at a bank ($366MUSA)
      We recently implemented the Activity Management System/Premier Audit Log (AMS/PAL) package within Business Analytics and would like to see additional field information that is not available in this reporting package. I was given instructions on how to "combine 2 reporting packages into 1 report using the SQL" from Fiserv but they don't support this type of functionality at client care, it can only be requested through Professional Services. The steps aren't complicated and I have attempted to combine the AMS/PAL package with the Premier package using the instructions but still can not get it to work. Has anyone been successful in accomplishing this that would be willing to assist me?

      Thank you in advance!

        Reg CC Script for Employees

        Manager at a bank ($853MUSA)
        Hello!  Does anyone have a script for their employees to use to answer questions regarding the new Reg CC dollar amounts?  We provided notice of the Reg CC changes on our statements and have received some questions.  Looking to standardize responses.  Thanks in advance!

          Checking Accounts and Bankruptcy

          Manager at a bank ($3.3BUSA)
          Curious to know what other FI's are doing when they have a deficit balance or charged off DDA account and the customer files Bankruptcy?  We do stop collections if it has been reported.  However if the checking account has a negative balance what do you do?  Do you write the loss off and close the account? Do you charge it off and leave it open for deposits?  We are trying to fine tune our procedures and could use any guidance you may have.  Thanks!

          Also what if the deficit account or charged off account owner is deceased?  How are you processing those?

            Replacing Signature Cards for Contractor Escrow and EB5 Escrow Accounts with DocuSign authorized signers authorization

            AVP at a bank ($5.5BUSA)
            We currently open online savings accounts without signature cards.   I am researching if we can also do away with signature cards for our Contractor Retention Escrow and EB5 Escrow accounts and use a DocuSign authorization from the authorized signers instead.   The only authorized signers on these escrow accounts are our bank officers from our institution, since our bank is the escrow agent for these accounts.  I would like to ask if any of you have adopted this process for these types of accounts in order to streamline the supersede process when there is bank officer turnaround and we need to supersede the authorized signers?  Any input on this subject would be very much appreciated.  Thank you!