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5 Things to look for in an Overdraft Service Provider

Your overdraft service provider can be one of the most important business partners your financial institution employs.

This document presents critical factors to consider to select an overdraft service provider that can successfully help you:
  • Provide world-class service to your account holders
  • Maximize revenue
  • Manage risk
  • Remain compliant
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    Is Your Overdraft Program a Black Box?

    Do you really understand how your overdraft management program calculates overdraft limits? Can you explain the specific factors, trends and overrides that determine the overdraft limit?
    The answers to these, as well as other key questions, shouldn’t be a mystery. Data flows into your system, the data is processed and your system outputs an overdraft limit. But can you describe exactly what happened during that process to your examiners?
    If you can, you’ll be equipped to customize your overdraft program to provide superior service to your account holders! If you can’t, then your overdraft program is a black box. 

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