Brokered Deposits - Banks and Fintechs Stand to Win with FDIC Brokered Deposit Proposal

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 On December 13, 2019, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) released its much-anticipated rule on brokered deposits (Rule). The Rule seeks to modernize brokered-deposit restrictions to account for advances in fintech and evolved business models. If adopted, the Rule would contain several provisions that would benefit banks, fintechs, and partnerships between the two. 

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    Premiere Credit Indiana Department of Revenue Tax Levies

    VP at a bank ($809MUSA)
    Good afternoon.  I am desperately searching for answers on how to handle IDR tax levies issued by Premiere Credit.  I have sought the advice of legal counsel but I really need to have a conversation with an Indiana bank that processes them.  Would someone be willing to speak with me on this topic who has a firm understanding of IC 34-55-10-2(c)(3) $400 intangible personal property exemption?  I am getting desperate and could use a life line!