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[FREE CBANC Webinar]: Improving Banking Customer Service

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Hi all! We have a great free educational webinar coming up from Al Rosenbaum at Silvercloud on how to improve customer service and engagement at your FI. This is such an important theme today as there continues to be more competition in the market (ESPECIALLY FROM THOSE NON BANK/CU FINTECHS). Register today (if you can't make it register anyway to receive the playback) for the webinar on 1/25 at 1pm CST. Learn more and register here:

    Regulatory Changes - 1099 Reporting

    AVP at a bank ($3.4BUSA)

    Good morning! Management received the following email, does anyone here know what they are talking about? (Clearly trying to sell us something but this sounds all new to me outside of the 1099 MISC being reported by 1.31.18)

    With the major regulatory changes that took place in 1099 reporting space last year, including:
    • Increasing B-Notice ceiling - $260 per form
    • Expanding state reporting requirements
    • The PATH Act- Accelerated reporting deadlines

    I am reaching out to share how we have helped organizations manage these changes while increasing efficiency and accuracy within their processes, as well as consolidating their internal tax processes between departments.

      2017 Credit Union Call Center & Benchmarking Survey

      The results are in from this year’s 2017 Credit Union Contact Center Benchmarking Survey conducted by Strategic Contact. Register to learn how your institution stacks up and what key trends will impact your strategy for the year ahead. Registrants will also receive a link to download the results of the survey following the webinar.

      Join Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, and Al Rosenbaum, EVP of Customer Success at SilverCloud Inc., as they discuss the impact of and insights behind this year’s results. Gain a better understanding of the current industry landscape, while learning how to improve your member service and respond to growing competition. In this webinar, we’ll focus on:

      • The tensions, drivers, and disconnects behind a strategy focused on member experience
      • The challenges of relying on training, coaching, and development to address issues of high call volume and attrition
      • Call center staffing issues, metrics, and technology usage trends and gaps
      • Current approaches to reducing workload and improving agent performance
      • & much more

      Register today to secure a spot!

        Negative Interest

        Employee at a bank ($4.6BUSA)

        Does anyone have any information or thoughts on what would happen if a customers interest rate would go negative? EX. Prime rate drops drastically, customer has a negative variance with no floor.