Mortgage Service Transfer Disclosure

VP at a bank ($135MUSA)
Our bank is in the process of an acquisition. Since we are exempt from escrow requirements, we will be closing the escrow accounts.  We have sent the Escrow Closing Notice to the customers.  My question is do we need to state this in the Mortgage Servicing Transfer Disclosure that is required under RESPA?  I am confused if this statement below is requiring us to notate the closing of the escrow accounts: (1024.33(b)(4)(vi)
(vi) A statement that the transfer of servicing does not affect any term or condition of the mortgage loan other than terms directly related to the servicing of the loan.  
Would closing of the escrow accounts be considered a term or condition of the loan that has changed?  My compliance consultant is telling me no because this notice is strictly for the servicing of the loan.  My thoughts is the fact the previous bank has been maintaining escrow accounts to pay their insurance and property taxes is a condition that is changing due to the change in servicers.  
Am I overthinking?