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2017 Credit Union Call Center & Benchmarking Survey

The results are in from this year’s 2017 Credit Union Contact Center Benchmarking Survey conducted by Strategic Contact. Register to learn how your institution stacks up and what key trends will impact your strategy for the year ahead. Registrants will also receive a link to download the results of the survey following the webinar.

Join Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, and Al Rosenbaum, EVP of Customer Success at SilverCloud Inc., as they discuss the impact of and insights behind this year’s results. Gain a better understanding of the current industry landscape, while learning how to improve your member service and respond to growing competition. In this webinar, we’ll focus on:

  • The tensions, drivers, and disconnects behind a strategy focused on member experience
  • The challenges of relying on training, coaching, and development to address issues of high call volume and attrition
  • Call center staffing issues, metrics, and technology usage trends and gaps
  • Current approaches to reducing workload and improving agent performance
  • & much more

Register today to secure a spot!

    10 Questions to Ask About Your Bank/CU's Web Design Project

    Does your bank or credit union need a new website? If so, you may be wondering where to start or how to begin. This 16-page eBook will help you get your project rolling and assist you in determining the most important questions to consider when planning for the launch of your new website.

    In this eBook, we discuss what questions you should ask and why they are important. Questions include:

    • What are your objectives?
    • Does your website represent your brand?
    • What is your SEO strategy?
    • What is your conversion strategy?
    • How will website traffic be measured?
    • How will social media be integrated?
      ....And many more!

    Download the eBook here!

    Any questions we missed? Let us know! Comment below or email me at We're always looking to improve the resources we offer the Bank/CU community.


      10 things you should look for in an in-house eDiscovery solution

      VP at a bank ($453MUSA)

      If you work for a mid- to large-size company—say, one with more than $500M in revenue—you probably are familiar with the problems of eDiscovery. Your enterprise may routinely face five or more litigation matters each year, and you have terabytes of unstructured information that you need to sort through in order to find relevant information and place it on litigation hold.

        Five tips for meeting the eDiscovery challenge

        VP at a bank ($453MUSA)

        eDiscovery, email discovery, electronic discovery — however you refer to it, eDiscovery is a necessary burden
        for IT managers, corporate legal teams, and executives alike. Federal, state, and corporate regulations require
        most companies to retain electronically stored information for two to seven years and to be able to produce it
        quickly upon request. Noncompliance can be costly; FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) alone
        handed out $50 million in fines in 2009. Thankfully, companies that follow simple best practices can
        drastically reduce the burden of eDiscovery while protecting their finances — and reputations.

          Sample electronic discovery interrogatories and requests for production

          VP at a bank ($453MUSA)

          suggested interrogatories and requests for production that are meant to be complementary (i.e., any devices or electronic files that are identified in answer to an interrogatory or interrogatories are usually immediately requested in the follow-up request[s] for production).