TOPIC: Unauthorized/Improper

Return Without Entry Chart

Employee at a bank ($1.3BUSA)
Hi All,

Whenever we receive a check return without entry, there's always some confusion surrounding the action that needs to be taken. I'm looking to build out a reference matrix that would help my team (and others) handle these situations more efficiently. I've looked and looked for an existing matrix or site that we could use for reference, but have been unsuccessful in find one. In what situations must we remit funds to the requesting bank regardless of the availability in the account? What is the timeframe for these kinds of returns? Does the requesting institution have to send a notarized letter of forgery? On the other hand, in what cases would we just remit the available funds in the account or decline the return request all together? What are the timeframes for these return requests? 

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


    Contacting your customers/members

    Employee at a credit_union ($291MUSA)
    We are looking at different avenues for contacting members/customers regarding transactional info on their account; not marketing.  We have some that are not responding to mailed letters or phone calls regarding their dormant accounts and we are considering emails.  We have read the CAN-SPAM reg and will not be marketing to them and will still include the option to "opt out".  We have staff that want to use facebook messenger, but I don't feel social media messaging is the way to go.  Do you use any social media messaging to contact your members?  Do you have a sample of your authorization that your customer/members sign?  We will be running this by legal, but wanted to see what others are doing as we update our policies and procedures. 

      Return Ratio Monitoring of Originators

      Employee at a bank ($384MUSA)

      For those of you that have Fed Advantage which reports are you using to monitor unauthorized returns rates, adminatrative and overall return rate. I am not sure if what I need is under FedPayments Reporter as I cant find anything that allows me to run a report for 60 day period or do you need to use the Risk Services reports and enter all your Originators in. I appreciate your feedback.

        Unauthorized Transaction Notification Process - Credit Cards v Debit Cards

        Manager at a credit_union ($1.6BUSA)

        I would like some information concerning the processes that are used for handling customer notification of unauthorized transactions on credit card and debit cards.
        Are you requesting anything different depending on if it is a credit card transaction or a debit card transaction being reported as unauthorized or fraudulent?
        What are you requesting from the customer to document the notification and verify which transactions have been identified as unauthorized or fraudulent in each case (credit card or debit card)?
        How would you handle a customer that is reporting an unauthorized/fraudulent credit card transactions several months after it occured?
        Thanks for any feedback on the process handling.