TOPIC: Retail Banking

Fiserve DNA Customers- Inherited IRA's

VP at a bank ($1.3BUSA)
Hi any DNA folks out there that have some suggestions on making the Inherited IRA process better. I'm told that we must open a new plan for everyone that is a beneficiary even if they are not keeping the IRA here. That means we do a whole new plan, a death contribution and then a distribution because there is 'no other way ' to code the transactions in DNA. I'm hoping there are some DNA experts out there that maybe have a better way.  TIA Karen

    BancPac Deconversion Cold Reports

    AVP at a bank ($421MUSA)
    Hello! We are converting from FIS BancPac to JHA Silverlake. We are going to have our Test Week in October. We did not contract for a "static bank" for test verification. Would anyone be able to assist me with identifying the reports we would use from FRM/Vision?

      Off Site ATM electronic Journals

      Manager at a bank ($327MUSA)
      I have been researching ATM's because I recently took over as Manager of our Operations Department.  When you replenish off site ATM's do you pull the electronic journal off to have at your office as a record if needed?  Also do you switch out cassettes or verify the money at the off site location?  I am looking for any policy or procedures if anybody is willing to share what they do.  These are Bank Owned ATM's and a Bank Employee replenishes.

      Thank you

      Frances Hawkins