BID ARTICLE: Inquiry & Insight: Compliance, AI, Strategic Initiatives

Readers of the BID recently asked us about compliance management systems, AI to improve customer experience, and re-evaluating strategic initiatives. We provide our insight in today's article. Read Article

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    Abrigo announces upgrades to BAM+, including 5 new artificial intelligence scenarios and direct file to FinCEN

    We're excited to announce the release of BAM+ 5.0, which includes five new transparent artificial intelligence/machine learning scenarios, direct file of CTRs and SARs to FinCEN, and two new structuring scenarios and reports for better daily/weekly insights into cash flow. You can read about these and the other exciting upgrades here

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      AI in BSA/AML | Infographic

      Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest buzzwords in the BSA/AML space, but what does it mean for your institution? As automated intelligence and machine learning become more prevalent in banking, so do the questions surrounding these new technologies. The lack of understanding around AI/ML has created uncertainty for BSA professionals (no, it won't take your job) and has caused them to seek answers about how and when automated intelligence will impact their BSA programs (it could actually strengthen it!). This infographic sheds light on questions surrounding what AI/ML really do, if they can help your BSA/AML program, and how they'll affect your compliance.

      Download this infographic to learn:
      • What AI/ML means for the BSA industry
      • How to document AI for regulators and auditors
      • What impact this technology will have on BSA staffing
      • How AI/ML will impact your institution and program
      Download now! 

        BSA/AML Conference - ThinkBIG: Fighting Financial Crime (formerly BAM+ User Group)

        Join Abrigo for the 2020 ThinkBIG: Fighting Financial Crime Conference for BSA/AML professionals. For 16 years, the BAM User Group Conference, now renamed ThinkBIG: Fighting Financial Crime, has provided industry-leading education and support. Come hear from industry leaders, law enforcement, and peers as we dive into the latest trends in suspicious activity detection, fraud trends, and regulatory expectations.

        Network with other BSA/AML and fraud banking professionals, engage with regulatory and law enforcement representatives, and expand your base of industry knowledge. This is an event you can't miss! Be prepared to Think Bigger with insights and information critical to your BSA/AML and fraud prevention programs.

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