TOPIC: Fiserv

Account Create Program

Person at a credit_union ($103MUSA)
Hello, we are currently using a program called Account Create, that enables new members to apply for membership via online.  We are thinking of changing the way we use Account Create, by not identifying the potential applicant in person, but rather just have them apply and sign the account card via DocuSign.  And of course this is more high risk for fraud.  Can anyone share there policies, account procedures, risk assessment and what preventable fraud programs are you using.

    Fiserv Loan Class and Purpose Codes

    VP at a bank ($79MUSA)

    Hi everyone. I am looking for advice on re-classing loans on the Fiserv system. When our Class and Purpose codes were set up years ago, no thought was given to the preparation of the Call Report. Therefore our loan class codes and purpose codes are pretty much worthless for the Call. I am having to manually calculate our loan totals for the RC-C each quarter. We going to completely re-class and re-purpose every loan correctly after the first of the year to make our Call reporting easier. Does anyone have a list of Fiserv Class Codes and Purpose Codes that you use for this purpose that you would be willing to share?

    Has anyone ever re-classed or re-purposed their entire portfolio before? Any thing I should avoid? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

      Navigator Proper Case Text

      Person at a bank ($944MUSA)

      I am curious to see if anyone on Fiserv Premier is using proper case text. We are experiencing a few issues and want to see if there are any good solutions. Thanks in advance.

        FiServ Navigator, Q2 Online Banking and Automated Sweeps

        SVP at a bank ($1.1BUSA)

        Has anyone been successful in getting the automated sweeps to work with FiServ Premier and Q2's business online banking system? We have not been able to figure out what FiServ fields we should be passing to Q2 to ensure the sweeps work properly during the day without manual intervention from our customers. Q2 is not reading the full depository and loan available balances.

        Any guidance would be appreciated.