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Enter To Win - Contest Questions & Consent

AVP at a bank ($3.4BUSA)
We often hold prize drawings to generate sales leads for various lines of business.  In order to enter the contest, individuals must complete an entry slip, with their contact info, and indicate via check box if they wish to receive or decline solicitations from the bank regarding our products and services.  
We are planning to modify the entry slip to say by signing and entering the contest, you do agree to be contacted by the bank (so that the contest can generate more leads.)  We plan to check entrant’s names against internal “do not call” customer lists, but do not have clear procedures for handling non-customers. My questions are:
1. Does anyone see a problem with restructuring the giveaway entry slip to require consent in advance of entering the contest? 2. How do other institutions ensure you do not contact individuals, especially non-customers, who are listed on “do not call” registries?
Note, bank employees would be contacting sales leads – no robocalling. 

I would appreciate any feedback from others who have experience with this. Thank you!

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