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Enter To Win - Contest Questions & Consent

AVP at a bank ($3.4BUSA)
We often hold prize drawings to generate sales leads for various lines of business.  In order to enter the contest, individuals must complete an entry slip, with their contact info, and indicate via check box if they wish to receive or decline solicitations from the bank regarding our products and services.  
We are planning to modify the entry slip to say by signing and entering the contest, you do agree to be contacted by the bank (so that the contest can generate more leads.)  We plan to check entrant’s names against internal “do not call” customer lists, but do not have clear procedures for handling non-customers. My questions are:
1. Does anyone see a problem with restructuring the giveaway entry slip to require consent in advance of entering the contest? 2. How do other institutions ensure you do not contact individuals, especially non-customers, who are listed on “do not call” registries?
Note, bank employees would be contacting sales leads – no robocalling. 

I would appreciate any feedback from others who have experience with this. Thank you!

    Shelved Elves: Santa Ponders the Risks and Rewards of Outsourcing Toy Making

    Hello, Bankers! Ever wonder what would happen if Santa outsourced toy making to third-party vendors? We did. This post originally appeared on the Ncontracts blog.

    Shelved Elves: Santa Ponders the Risks and Rewards of Outsourcing Toy Making

    It’s crunch time at the North Pole, and Santa is worried. Despite his elves’ best efforts, he’s not sure they are going to be able to produce all the toys he needs by Christmas Eve. He’s wondering if it might be a good idea to outsource toy making...

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      Using CECL Data to Drive Innovative 2019 Strategy?

      What information will your management team use to make 2019 strategic plans? What about your CECL data?

      Analyzing your CECL data can give you granular insight to guide a more thoughtful, innovative strategic plan. With a deeper understanding of long-term trends within your institution this data can help to identify products to promote or discontinue, assess validity of long-term goals, evaluate pricing structures and so much more.

      To learn more, read this article by PCBB's Melinda Davis on driving business through innovative insights.

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            5 Common Compliance & Growth Problems CEOs Face

            Now is the time to consider your growth goals and risk exposure, and develop strategies that will lead to your success. As we all know, good compliance is good business. But it's also true that good business can be good for compliance! Here, you'll learn five common growth and compliance related problems, and how a better branch strategy can help you solve them.


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                Blog: Top 10 Risks - Strategic Risk

                Person at a Company (USA)

                This blog post is part of a series of posts on risks that impact financial institution. See the original article here or download the attached PDF.

                Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan

                Strategic risk's role in vendor management

                The future doesn’t always work out the way we think it will. You know it—and I know it.

                Yet we work and struggle and try to prepare for it. We spend hours assessing industry trends and trying to figure out which way the winds will blow. We do everything thing we can to position our organizations for success, balancing short-term needs with long-term goals—but not everyone else is that careful.

                Strategic risk is the possibility that a company...

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                  YouTube Video - Translate Your Company Vision into Balanced Scorecards

                  Having trouble getting all your employees on the same page? What you need is a way to translate the company's vision and goals into balanced scorecards that holds everyone accountable. Check out the YouTube Video

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                          Top 10 Banking Software Providers Powering the Digital Age

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