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Digital Wallet - Apple Pay Samsung Pay Google Pay

Manager at a credit_union ($359MUSA)
I looked in the forums but didn't find anything recent. 

We are looking at adding digital wallets, specifically Apple Pay, but possibly Samsung and Google Pay, but would like to know what others are seeing related to fraud. 

1. What do you see related to fraud with these services as well as Reg E disputes. Is the security of the digital wallet enough? 
   a. How often do you see someone steal the phone and go on a shopping spree? 
2. Do you find a need for all three or just one? 
3. It it worth the cost?
4. Do you like the service and feel it is a true benefit to the cardholders? 

Any other feedback would be appreciated. We are working to enhance our card program but want to know any pitfalls or downsides to incorporating digital wallets from a loss prevention side. We are a mastercard issuer.