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Which CECL methodologies are best for your portfolio?

Given that the #CECL model is non-prescriptive, banks and credit unions have flexibility in choosing the right CECL methodologies for their institution’s unique data situation. This flexibility often leads bankers to one simple question: Where do I begin?

In this complimentary infographic, learn about the 7 methodologies available to use and when they are or are not recommended: 

    Loan Officer Training and Tracking

    Chief Credit Officer at a credit_union ($107MUSA)
    Does anyone have a training and tracking program/criteria/schedule for loan officers that they would like to share?  I’m looking for objective ways to differentiate and document qualifications for lending authorities, pay grades, titles etc.  

    For example:

    A level 1 L.O. has done (these trainings) and has X amount of experience.  A level 2 L.O. has everything a Level 1 has plus…

    Thanks in advance,