Fraud & BSA/AML Hot Topics | Complimentary Regional Seminars – Just 3 Stops Remaining

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The 2019 Verafin Tour is coming to an end! Don’t miss your opportunity to attend a complimentary seminar in a city near you at one of just 3 remaining Tour stops.

These accredited regional seminars feature insightful presentations that highlight emerging fraud and compliance trends, along with the latest technologies to fight financial crime. Join hundreds of your peers who have already heard our expert speakers dive into hot topics like Combatting Crime Rings, Fraud Trends & Technology, and Managing & Monitoring High-Risk Customers at this industry-wide event.

Attendees will receive 5 CAMS, 6.5 CAFP, 6.5 CRCM credits, or may be eligible to receive up to 5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits towards industry accreditation programs, such as CFE and CFCS.

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    Webinar - 1 CAMS Credit - May 22 | Leveraging Big Data and Collaborative Investigations for Effective Fraud Prevention

    1 CAMS credit
    May 22 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
    Leveraging Big Data and Collaborative Investigations for Effective Fraud Prevention
    Complimentary ACAMS Webinar Rebroadcast

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    In this insightful session, Brendan Brothers, Co-Founder of Verafin and Anti-Financial Crime Specialist, will discuss the evolution of financial crime and how financial institutions can embrace innovative approaches to proactively prevent fraud and combat crime ring activity.

    Brendan will outline how financial institutions can leverage big data, machine learning technology and 314(b) information sharing for effective fraud prevention, including proactive trend identification, reduction in false positive results, and collaborative investigations of multi-institutional crime ring activity.

    Learning Objectives
    • Understand the limitations and challenges of conventional fraud prevention approaches
    • Leveraging big data, machine learning technology, and 314(b) information sharing to mitigate losses and prevent fraud
    • Enhancing detection, strengthening investigations, and improving reporting to law enforcement
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