TOPIC: Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Service

Employee at a bank ($384MUSA)
Our bank would like to start utilizing mass email marketing. We have avoided this in the past for many reasons. However with the recent pandemic causing our lobbies to close, we now have a much greater need to communicate and market through email. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for email marketing service providers? Examples would be Mail Chimp, Constant contact etc. Would you be willing to share your good and bad experiences? 

    Marketing Plan template

    Manager at a bank ($349MUSA)
    We have never had a formal marketing plan in place at the beginning of each year. Management would like to change that. Having never written a marketing plan, I'm not sure where to start. Does anyone out there have a plan or a template of a plan they would be willing to share?

      Trade Show Raffle Compliance

      Employee at a bank ($148MUSA)
      Our bank is looking to participate in a trade show event, where we will be doing a raffle for prizes (under $600). In order to participate in the raffle, we will have to collect personal information. What are the restrictions/limitations and how can we word it, so we can contact them via phone, text or email? Does anyone have a template of a raffle they have recently used?

        MX? Anyone using them?

        VP at a bank ($789MUSA)
        We saw the MX presentation at Finovate yesterday and stopped by their booth. We got a lot of information on their transaction cleansing, which we are exploring for a marketing automation system and chatbot. Is anyone using MX for commercial transactions? Anyone have success using MX?

          Direct Mail Campaigns

          AVP at a bank ($1.1BUSA)

          I am trying to find out the industry standards or what other FIs have done with direct mail campaigns.  Specifically how many mail drops have you executed before you saw any traffic from them and what was the timing? Once a month, every other month? Thank you.