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Banks and Credit Unions: Break Down Your Data Silos to Build Up Your Revenue!

When your account holder data is spread across disparate systems in multiple lines of business, every aspect of your organization’s performance is impeded from acquisition to onboarding to retention – meaning that your institution has likely missed critical service and marketing opportunities in your account holders’ journeys.
Banks and credit unions that are seeking to become more efficient, productive and agile need to centralize their data into a unified platform.
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    Branch Capture Location

    AVP at a bank ($1.8BUSA)
    We are undergoing a computer refresh project and as a result have considered consolidating our back counter branch capture scanners with spare or underutilized stations as opposed to stand alone machines. Some considerations include branches with pods as well as platform stations, which don’t have the same security environment as a branch capture machine behind a traditional teller line as they would be located in a more open environment. Does anyone have branch capture scanning machines more “open” areas other than behind traditional teller lines? If so, what security measures do you have in place?