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Cash Withdrawal / Cardless Cash

Person at a bank ($6.6BUSA)
 Looking for some feedback on the Cash Withdrawal solutions out there (AKA withdraw money from ATM using your mobile phone).  Appreciate any comments on these questions:

  • What company/service  are you using for Cash Withdrawal / Cardless Cash?
  • Do you also have the ability to send money to another person with this service?
  • Stand alone app, or integrated to your mobile banking?
  • We are hearing this service's usage is decreasing; are you seeing the same behavior on your end?


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      ACH loan payments set up via Mobil banking

      Manager at a credit_union ($147MUSA)
      ACH loan payments set up via Mobil banking ;In house a ACH reoccurring loans payments our disclosure says  final payment will be adjust to exact payment do , we do not have this option if we want to allow member to set up using their Mobil banking  
      does anyone know if we disclosure "the excess funds would be return to the account at payoff"  for the ACH set up by Mobil banking would be compliant?

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          Why Community Banks Need to Offer Dynamic Overdraft Limits

          There are many proverbs about the consequences of "standing still" and how the concept connotes inertia, or the lack of progress or growth. One well-known example is attributed to author Timothy Ferris: "Many a false step was made by standing still." While the concept is applicable to many things like major life decisions, risk-taking and business models, it also can be accurately attributed to overdraft limits. Are your limits standing still? In other words, are you offering only static, one-size-fits-all limits? If so, chances are that your overdraft revenue is likewise static.