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Why Community Banks Need to Offer Dynamic Overdraft Limits

There are many proverbs about the consequences of "standing still" and how the concept connotes inertia, or the lack of progress or growth. One well-known example is attributed to author Timothy Ferris: "Many a false step was made by standing still." While the concept is applicable to many things like major life decisions, risk-taking and business models, it also can be accurately attributed to overdraft limits. Are your limits standing still? In other words, are you offering only static, one-size-fits-all limits? If so, chances are that your overdraft revenue is likewise static.

    Fintech & Financial Institutions: Friends, Not Foes

    Financial technology, or fintech, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, forever transforming the way consumers bank. Thanks to the explosion of apps and online solutions these tech firms have pioneered, consumers are demanding their banks keep pace by offering fast, personal, always-available solutions if they want to retain their business. To overcome these challenges, banks must embrace the growing trend of collaborating with fintechs—working together to create a synergy that neither entity can achieve on its own.

      mRDC with Bluepoint, Fiserv DNA, Q2

      Manager at a credit_union ($611MUSA)
      We are currently looking at switching our mRDC vendor, but are trying to figure out if we will benefit from this or if we should just stay with bluepoint. We are also in the process of core shopping and looking at Fiserv-DNA. 
      Is anyone currently on Fiserv DNA and uses bluepoint for mRDC? If so, could we set up a call to discuss pros and cons you have found.

      Thank you,