TOPIC: Budgeting

Budget (IT)

Employee at a bank ($70MUSA)
In search of template for budget regarding Information Technology,  would anyone be willing to share what they use.  
  • Manager at a bank ($173MUSA)
    This is what I use. The blank lines are then filled in with items we are looking to replace or upgrade (computers, software, etc...) within the year. We get quotes for the cost of each line item and then how many we will need and fill in the cost boxes. Our IT budget is then included as a line item within the whole bank budget for the year.
    • Employee at a bank ($70MUSA)
      Thank you so much.  This gives me an great starting place.  

Adding staff

Manager at a bank ($1.4BUSA)
We are a rapidly growing organization (1.5B assets, 412 employees, 24 branches ) that has been in business for a little over 20 years. My question is this... We have added several branches and have yet to add to our back office departments (and we need to). Do you have a formula that you use when adding back office staff? Example-for every 3 branches add 1 body to call center,accounting, etc...