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Friday’s launch of the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was met with confusion, frustration, and glitches. The SBA application portal, E-Tran, has been the subject of many of those frustrations from lenders, due to a barrage of issues, from technical problems to login confusion. This blog provides some simple steps to help new lenders set up their CAFS account along with troubleshooting tips for current E-Tran users who can't access their account.

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    Vendor for Creating Training Videos in house

    Manager at a credit_union ($359MUSA)
    We are looking for a vendor to create card services training videos, much like what a pre-recorded webex would look like, however we do not want the training to be on the cloud because of the sensitive information. We want to be able to save the videos on site and not have them hosted. 

    Does anyone have any recommendations for ones that can used in house (program download onto the PC to video the training and audio).