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Affiliate question

VP at a bank ($648MUSA)
We are looking to possibly be listed as an affiliate of another company on their website.  No ownership, no payment, no fee.  It is a Business Resource Company which also sells and purchases commercial properties.  Basically, our bank would just be listed on their website as an affiliate where customers can look and see service providers.  

This is a new company, this is listed as a benefit on their website:  You increase your business presence as a provider. This is a legitimate connection that helps you build your own network and connects to your own online presence.  You become a member of a well-vetted directory of business service providers that is more than a simple referral network.
I am new to compliance and not sure where to start?  Was told if it is a lot of work we will not do.   Thoughts???

    Policy & Procedures for Banking Hemp

    Employee at a credit_union ($313MUSA)
    Hello Folks,

    We are beginning the research phase in hopes to learn a bit more about banking hemp related businesses.  We are looking for other credit unions and banks within the state of Oregon who might be willing to share their policies, procedures and best practices.  What are some of the positive and negative outcomes from opening accounts for these businesses?

    We appreciate any and all feedback.
    Thank you!

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        Business Intelligence Department

        AVP at a bank ($459MUSA)

        Does anyone's institution have a Business Intelligence department currently? At what asset size did your institution add a Business Intelligence department to the team? What is your current asset size if you are looking to develop one? By Business Intelligence I mean a team that is dedicated to analyzing processes within your institution and gathering data to find ways to improve. Additionally they would be responsible for working with the department leads to explore new business opportunities. Specifically they would be responsible for gathering quantifiable data that would assist the department/senior management with making those decisions rather than relying simply on feelings and assumptions.

          Is This Partnership a Right Fit? More than 50 Banks Found Out Firsthand.

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          We had a great mix of prospective customers and current customers from some of BHG’s 940 bank partners, which gave everyone a chance to network and learn. Prospective customers love to hear about the experiences of current customers, while current customers appreciate the business and product updates, as well as the opportunity to connect with key BHG contacts.

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          Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc., and its subsidiary Pinnacle Bank hold a 49% total interest in BHG.

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            About BHG: Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG) is a well-established, direct lender that has a commercial loan program specifically tailored to the business needs of licensed healthcare and other professionals. BHG has provided over $4 billion of these originated, underwritten and funded loans to 925+ community banks throughout the US since 2001.

              Loan origination system release updates (LaserPro)

              Person at a bank ($400MUSA)

              Good afternoon,

              We are looking to implement a more formal way to document our Loan Origination system release testing findings, results, regulatory & legal question, and impact to current processes with in each Lending Line of Business for final implementation signoff.

              Does anyone have such a process and/or form(s) they are willing to share?

              Much appreciated.