TOPIC: Information Technology

Mortgagebot is opening two windows when signing in

Employee at a bank ($501MUSA)
As the title says we are having an issue with Finastra Mortgagebot, that being when a certain employee signs in to the web portal it opens a second window leaving the original sign in window up.  If this employee forgets to close the original window they will get timed out in the middle of working on something. They are the only employee that has had this issue and it occurs on any computer she uses. I just want to know if anyone else has had this issue and if they managed to find a solution. Our IT staff is at wits end having checked through every setting in every browser and even creating a whole new mortgagebot account for the employee on a new computer. I would submit a ticket to Finastra directly but their customer service has been abysmal for us and there are no other online resources for the service.