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California Consumer Protection Act 2018 - data mapping

Employee at a credit_union ($961MUSA)
We are a CA based Credit Union who like everyone else is in the process of coming fully into compliance with CCPA requirements (as much as we can without final regulations). I'm currently mapping our data (unfortunately our BT/IT does not have usable mapping infoatmion for this purpose). Currently I am meeting with all areas to gather data. I am wondering how everyone is going about mapping their member/consumer data inflow, retention systems, and outflow. Specifically how are you tracking this i.e. an excel spreadsheet etc. I would be very interested in a sample of how you laid your data map out or your conceptual approach to mapping. There are so many data points that I fear my tracking is becoming convoluted.

Thanks everyone. I hope your all staying safe and healthy.

    California HELOC

    VP at a bank ($897MUSA)
    Is there anyone out there willing to help that does HELOC's in California. I have a few questions I have been tasked to get answer that is more specific to state law I believe. If possible I would a chance to make a call or email Monday about this. I am struggling reading through/finding CA State law. 

    Sample Questions:

    Consumer vs. Commercial purpose (Homestead or non-homestead as collateral)
     Any fee caps or other specific California requirements to watch out for? 

      Earnings Credit/ECR

      SVP at a bank ($96.1BUSA)
      Reaching out for guidance on using Earnings Credit (ECR) for covering third-party vendor services - do people use bulk contracting and invoice the underlying clients or simply rebate/refund a client's bill on agreed services.   Examples being accounting software, CPA prep, or payroll...     Also on payroll, anyone had success including the HR benefits add-ons for ECR (as all the payroll companies now sell HR services too).   Thanks !