BID ARTICLE: Can CECL Make Your Institution More Efficient?

When bankers think of CECL, greater efficiencies may not come to mind immediately. Yet, as community financial institutions work through the CECL implementation they are realizing that CECL gives them an opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies for the future. In our podcast, Banking Out Loud, Andy Hines of Bank of Glen Burnie brought this up and we explore this topic further today. Read Article

Infographic | Wire fraud: Sophisticated and evolving scams - Download Now


Wire Fraud

Rising Risks & Robust Solutions

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Wire fraud is a growing threat for financial institutions – as fraud schemes continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, with high-value, irrevocable transfers at stake, wire transfers are the perfect target for fraudsters. This informative infographic provides insights into wire fraud trends such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), romance schemes, and COVID-19-related fraud, and how institutions can detect and prevent loss.

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