TOPIC: Bank Communications

Research and copies for Title 19 requests

Person at a bank ($289MUSA)

Do you charge for completing research for Title 19 (Medicaid) applicants? Do you have occasion when providing copies of statements, tickets checks, and deposited items can take days to prepare? (this may happen if the applicant is associated with a business that conducts deposits of multiple checks) Do you have the recipient picking up the copies sign to acknowledge receiving the requested items from the bank as outlined in the State request and to protect the nonpublic customer information from inappropriate access or misuse?

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      Text Message Opt-In

      SVP at a bank ($997MUSA)

      We would like to be able to text our customers bank alerts (such as when there's been a retail security breach) as well as marketing messages to those who opt in. I would assume that the best time to get this opt-in would be at account opening - can anyone share how they go about getting this from new customers? (i.e. do you use a separate disclosure or is it part of an existing disclosure) Also, any suggestions as to how to get this from our existing customer base? Would you suggest a double opt-in? (i.e. one for bank alerts and one for marketing messages) Thank you!

        Email vs attached Memo & Memo templates

        Employee at a credit_union ($1.2BUSA)

        How do you decide when you need to prepare a formal Memo for attachment to an Email vs simply using the body of the email message? I would like to develop some consistency so that my communications are clear to my Colleagues and Executives. I'm specifically thinking of how to make clear when I am addressing Compliance issues that, in my opinion, need to be addressed vs when I am simply making recommendations that may or may not be regulatory in nature for a business decision.

        Also would be interested in seeing your memo templates.

          Federal Home Loan Bank First Home Club

          Employee at a credit_union ($3.4BUSA)

          Does anyone participating in FHLB have any documents (i.e., addendums, credit counseling referral forms, etc.) they customized for their organization for the First Home Club program outside of the documents required by the FHLB they would be willing to share? Or does anyone participating in the program have any feedback and/or best practices.

            Payoff Request Letter

            Employee at a bank ($514MUSA)

            I am looking for a payoff letter that has a statement in it that covers the bank if there is an error in the quote. We just had an addition error in a letter and looks like we will have to cover it since we did not have a disclaimer in there...

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                Metropolitan Capital is hiring for Senior Loan Operations in Chicago, IL

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                About us

                Metropolitan Capital is a Universal Bank offering premier Private Banking & Wealth Advisory, Commercial Banking, and Investment Banking services that cater to high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, their families, and the businesses they own and operate.

                At Metropolitan Capital, the client experience drives our business philosophy. Through a hands-on approach at every touchpoint of the relationship, our financial professionals provide clients with the tools and the insights to achieve both their professional and personal goals. Our unique ability to understand complex circumstances and craft long-term customized solutions has differentiated Metropolitan Capital from other financial institutions in the industry and has enabled us to successfully grow nearly exclusively through client referrals.

                Metropolitan Capital comprises a family of financial service companies that include Metropolitan Capital Bancorp, Inc. (Federal Reserve-regulated financial holding company), wholly owned Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust (Member FDIC), and Metropolitan Capital Investment Banc (FINRA-licensed broker dealer).


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                Chicago, IL

                Year founded


                Company type

                Privately Held

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                approx. 50 team members