QM ARMs in the New QM World

VP at a bank ($636MUSA)
Question for peer lenders with significant secondary mortgage activity:
Now that Fannie & Freddie are no longer purchasing loans using the old General QM definition (43% DTI, points & fee limits but no pricing limits), are lenders still originating QM loans using the old definition that's available until 10/1/22?  How are lenders handling ARM loans to be sold to Fannie/Freddie with the new QM pricing limits?  If a lender originates to sell to the secondary market, can the old QM definition still be used for loans sold to Ginnie Mae?  Any thoughts out there about how to facilitate ARMs and step-rate mortgage loans with the new QM APOR spread requirement in the secondary lending environment?  

nCino for account origination, loan origination and/or CRM

VP at a bank ($685MUSA)
Hello All! I saw some older discussions about nCino but haven't seen any recent threads and was curious if anyone here is using nCino for account origination, loan origination, CRM, etc?  They’re on my short list for all of the above but would love to hear some feedback from existing users!