TOPIC: Savings Accounts

New Account Signature Pads

VP at a bank ($855MUSA)
For those of you that use signature pads when opening new accounts, is the customer able to see the document they are signing?  Ours does not unless the new account rep turns the screen around for the customer see (which they don't do), they basically explain what they will be signing but they don't see the document until it prints at the end.  I'm having more of a problem with this and was wondering how others handle this or if you think this is an issue.  Thank you in advance. 

Health Savings Accounts Considered Checkings or Savings?

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Do you open your HSA accounts as a checking product or savings?  Is one way better than the other, and if so why? I didn't see any regulations specifying it had to be one way or the other.

We are going to begin offering HSAs but need to set up the parameters of the accounts.  I was trying to research it and was finding that it can be done either way. I know previously some may have used checking to avoid the Reg D limits, but with Reg D no longer limiting transactions to 6 a month, are more places now considering these as savings accounts? 


cbanc outdated?

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This discussion may get deleted, but I just have to ask.  Is it just me, or are most of the documents in the library on this forum outdated?  And when I post a discussion to see if anyone has anything, no one responds?  Is there another forum people are using to get examples or to share information?

Charge off with incoming ACH

VP at a credit_union ($175MUSA)
We had a charge off checking suffix and personal loan, but our system leaves the savings open (but restricted)  In July we received 2 ACH credits to the savings account. , which we applied to the charge off amounts.  Now we are getting a request from the ODFI to return the ACH credits as they were sent in error.  How does everyone else handle these?  Would you keep and apply the funds to the negative amount or would you have returned these credits.  The credits are not protected funds, looks like a set amount from an employer.  I want to deny their request for return and keep the funds. 

EDIT:  Can they claim it was sent in error, when the business in fact sent it as requested by the member, but didn't know the CU could still take the funds and apply them to the owed amount?  The member then asked the employer to get see if they could get their money back.  The employer had their FI try to reclaim them sent in error, when in fact they were sent as requested, but now he doesn't want to pay us the past due amount.  Does that change anything?  Some one here at the CU has talked to the member and they stated, they didn't know we could still take those funds, before the RDFI sent the reclaim.