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SVP at a credit_union ($586MUSA)
Would anyone have any information or be able to direct me on webchat compliance and archiving?   Is this generally handled by the provider or the FI?

    How to verify business users in Q2 Central?

    AVP at a bank ($447MUSA)
    After a business user is created, we ask the user to complete a document answering a security question and providing us with a PIN.  This document gets scanned into our core and when the business users call in we go to our core to verify them. We are able to use Q2 Central to verify retail users since their SSN is shown. We will be starting to have phone support afterhours and on weekends and will not be giving them access to our core.  How are others utilizing Q2 Central to verify business users?

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        Demonstration | Real-time Detection for Payments Fraud - Join us Oct. 9

        October 09 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
        Real-time Detection for Payments Fraud
        Cross-Channel Analysis to Prevent Fraudulent Wire & ACH Transfers

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        Fraudsters will use every available channel to target your institution, including exploiting the speed and convenience of ACH, wire transfers, and new payment channels for their fraudulent schemes.

        Join us for a discussion on the trends and challenges facing financial institutions in combating fraudulent transfers. We will demonstrate how Verafin’s Financial Crime Management platform leverages big data intelligence for real-time detection of wires and ACH to protect your institution and customers from loss.

        Highlights will include:
        • Trends in payments fraud such as Business Email Compromise, third-party scams, and first-party fraud through A2A/P2P systems, including Zelle transfers.
        • Big data intelligence for false positive reduction and payee confidence that improve alert quality by looking across the Verafin cloud for known payments into new and altered accounts.
        • Cross-channel fraud analysis with integrated Account Takeover analytics with Wire, ACH, and P2P Fraud analysis — including real-time integrations to detect unusual payments and transfers.
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          Blog | Unreal Identities Leading to Real Crimes - Read the full blog now

          Unreal Identities Leading to Real Crimes
          Criminals use synthetic identities to commit multiple types of fraud and increase illicit profits

          Published February 4, 2019 by Verafin

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          Synthetic identity fraud occurs when criminals combine real and fabricated identification information to create unreal identities which can pass a financial institution’s identity validation processes, and then successfully apply for various financial products with their synthetic identities. It has become a vehicle for fraudsters to commit a host of financial crimes, such as account fraud, loan fraud and online banking fraud.  

          In this illuminating blog post, you will learn about the increasing risk of synthetic identity fraud and the ways in which financial institutions can protect themselves – through education, robust controls for online accounts and applications, collaboration, and innovative financial crime management tools.

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