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Contacting your customers/members

Employee at a credit_union ($291MUSA)
We are looking at different avenues for contacting members/customers regarding transactional info on their account; not marketing.  We have some that are not responding to mailed letters or phone calls regarding their dormant accounts and we are considering emails.  We have read the CAN-SPAM reg and will not be marketing to them and will still include the option to "opt out".  We have staff that want to use facebook messenger, but I don't feel social media messaging is the way to go.  Do you use any social media messaging to contact your members?  Do you have a sample of your authorization that your customer/members sign?  We will be running this by legal, but wanted to see what others are doing as we update our policies and procedures. 

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      Capsilon DocVelocity

      SVP at a bank ($3.1BUSA)

      Would be interested in knowing if how this product is working for FI's that are using this product. What has been the customer feedback? Have there been any issues with the way customers access the documents or feedback from end customers? Do you use this for loan types other than Mortgage loans?