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Closing open-end loans for MRB purpose

Employee at a credit_union ($3.8BUSA)
Hi all,

We are curious what others are using for the “specific” denial reason on an adverse action notice when removing a credit limit on an open-end loan or credit card when marijuana-related activity is discovered on the personal accounts (savings, checking, etc.) and your policy is to close the entire relationship which includes the credit card and/or loan account.

Thank you


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      Trade Show Raffle Compliance

      Employee at a bank ($148MUSA)
      Our bank is looking to participate in a trade show event, where we will be doing a raffle for prizes (under $600). In order to participate in the raffle, we will have to collect personal information. What are the restrictions/limitations and how can we word it, so we can contact them via phone, text or email? Does anyone have a template of a raffle they have recently used?

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                Symitar Check Hold Limits

                Manager at a credit_union ($402MUSA)
                Are there any Symitar users currently utilizing the Check Hold Base Amount; Check Dep. Total Amount; Check Dep. Total Date; Non-Reg. CC Check Hold Base Amt.; or Non-Reg. CC Check Dep. Total Amt. found in the Account record under Membership Status and Commercial Code? If so, how do you determine what the base amount is in regards to keeping it compliant with with Reg. CC? Attached is an image of what I am referencing. 

                I appreciate any help! Thank you!

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