TOPIC: Personal Accounts

Online Account Opening - Mantl

Chief Compliance Officer at a bank ($100MUSA)
I am hoping to get in touch with some banks and/or credit unions that are using Mantl for their online deposit account opening. Specifically we are looking for information regarding implementation and also wanting to talk through your experience if your strategies included using Bankrate. I appreciate your feedback! Thank you!

Death of certifcate of deposit owner

SVP at a bank ($430MUSA)
If you have a certificate of deposit that is owned by only one individual and that owner dies, how are you handling interest that is due to be paid within a few days of death?  Are you making any changes in the distribution of the interest?  

For example, if it is set to deposit to an internal checking account, do you allow that to continue even if the ownership of the other account is different than the certificate of deposit or if it is set to pay by check to you allow the check to go out payable to the deceased person?

I know it doesn't happen often, but I was curious on how others handle this situation.