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Demonstration | Online Banking & Digital Fraud: A Consolidated, Cross-Channel Solution to Prevent Losses - Join us Nov 4

November 04 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
Online Banking & Digital Fraud: A Consolidated, Cross-Channel Solution to Prevent Losses
Protect Wire, ACH, and Mobile Deposit Channels with Speed and Confidence

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From mobile deposit fraud to unauthorized P2P transfers, opportunistic criminals are targeting digital channels to inflict massive losses. As more and more customers migrate to online banking, financial institutions must consider how a consolidated approach can mitigate fraud on digital and online channels, and proactively protect customers from loss.

Join us for an in-depth product demonstration as engaging experts demonstrate how Verafin’s Fraud Detection and Management solution combats fraud across digital channels, evolving alongside emerging trends, and providing rich insights and real-time monitoring.

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    Webinar - 1 CAMS Credit | Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses: Marijuana, Hemp and CBD - Join us October 19

    October 19 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
    Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses: Marijuana, Hemp and CBD
    Regulatory and Due Diligence Considerations for BSA/AML and Risk Management Programs

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    The burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry is subject to a complex regulatory compliance landscape, with laws differing from coast to coast, at state and federal levels, and varying between marijuana-related businesses (MRBs), CBD-related businesses, and hemp-related businesses. As profits flourish, financial institutions are facing significant regulatory uncertainty regarding the risks and rewards of banking cannabis-related businesses (CRBs).

    Join Jim Richards, former BSA Officer at Wells Fargo, Heather Allen, First Vice President and BSA Officer at Peoples Bank, and Corey Lynch, Product Expert at Verafin, as they discuss the intricacies of banking CRBs. From informative industry perspectives to the latest developments, these speakers will keep you informed of the importance of effective procedures for segmenting and periodically reviewing CRBs with a risk-based approach that aligns with your institution’s risk appetite.

    Highlights from this CAMS-accredited webinar include:
    • Background on the scale of the cannabis industry, how derisking impacts the U.S. financial system, and the potential BSA/AML risks of this high-risk customer category.
    • An overview of recent industry guidance and compliance obligations surrounding CRBs.
    • A discussion regarding the challenges of customer due diligence for high-risk customers, including segmentation, risk assessment and scoring, monitoring, and managing risk reviews for CRBs.
    • A discussion on the role of data and technology to improve customer due diligence, risk management and compliance processes for CRBs.
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    Verafin will provide attendees with a certificate of attendance for 1 CAMS Credit. Attendees are responsible for submission of the certificate and reporting of credits to ACAMS.

      Free Webinar | The FinCEN Files: What Do They Mean for Your Institution? | Earn 1.25 CAFP, CRCM credits

      Tuesday, October 27, 2020
      2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT
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      The FinCEN Files have shaken compliance professionals to their core since its release in September, with groundbreaking reports of money laundering, corruption, and detail into Suspicious Activity Reports filed by banks. What will this breaking news mean for your financial institution and how will this reshape our current compliance systems? In this session we breakdown the specifics and provide tips on how to ensure your suspicious activity doesn’t go unnoticed by law enforcement.  
      Join this session to learn:

      This session is eligible for 1.25 hours CAFP & CRCM
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        Webinar | Employee Fraud: Understanding the Threat from Within - Join us Oct 21

        October 21 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
        Employee Fraud: Understanding the Threat from Within
        The role of monitoring in reducing the reputational and financial risks of internal fraud

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        As financial institutions continue to strengthen their fraud detection solutions to protect themselves from evolving external threats, it is imperative that they do not overlook the threat from within. Financial institutions are especially vulnerable to employee fraud, as fraudsters within the organization have access to large amounts of personal identification information and financial transaction data, along with access to customer accounts.
        Join us for this engaging presentation, as we discuss the financial and reputational risks, as well as potential compliance concerns, of employee fraud. Learn about the tactics used by internal bad actors and best practices to mitigate losses, including how appropriate monitoring can alert institutions to fraudulent activity by employees.

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          Demonstration | Preventing Losses from Check Kiting and Check Fraud Schemes - Join us Oct 14

          October 14 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
          Preventing Losses from Check Kiting and Check Fraud Schemes
          Detecting fraudulent in-clearing checks

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          Despite the rise of online banking products, criminals continue to exploit traditional transaction channels for fraudulent activity. Checks are particularly vulnerable, as customers and institutions can be victimized by stolen checks, counterfeit checks, or elaborate check kiting schemes.     

          Join us for a demonstration of Verafin's Fraud Detection and Management solution that leverages machine learning, image analysis and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to help detect fraudulent checks and reduce false positive alerts. In this presentation, we will demonstrate Verafin’s targeted fraud detection scenarios including Stolen/Counterfeit Checks, Duplicate Check Number, Fraudulent Cluster, Sequence Number Jump, and Check Kiting.

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