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Experian's Income Insight tool

Manager at a credit_union ($485MUSA)

We are in the process of reviewing Experian's Income Insight tool and are curious if others are using it for consumer loan underwriting. We are looking at the portion of the tool where the income pulls into the credit report itself. If you are using the product, how you are using it and how did you set policy/procedure for income verification? For example, is it being used more as a validation of what your members are stating they make so you don't need to request a paystub or are you using it in lieu of stated income? What do you do if the figures don't match?

Thank you!


    AVP at a bank ($402MUSA)
    Does anyone utilize Valuation & Condition reports, specifically from Platinum Data Solutions (Mercury Company).  If so, what is your process?  We currently hire an appraiser for drive-by appraisals (HELOCs) and are looking to possibly switch our process.

      Small Commercial Loans

      Director at a Company (USA)
           Would anyone be willing to share how "small" commercial loans are underwritten at their bank?  Do you have a streamlined presentation and approval process?  Do you use a scoring model, either purchased or developed in-house? Thanks! 

           Originally Posted by Chris Olney, Senior Vice President / Chief Credit Officer of North Valley Bank, on 23 May 2019 to CBANC FI Professionals Community.

        Running Credit reports on Non US Persons

        VP at a bank ($54MUSA)

        If any lenders are running credit reports on Non US persons, what company are you using? We are currently using Kroll and are unable to input a foreign addresses. I assume there is a reliable company that we can use for these type of borrowers. Also are you able to run a credit check without a Tax ID number?

          Loan origination system release updates (LaserPro)

          Person at a bank ($400MUSA)

          Good afternoon,

          We are looking to implement a more formal way to document our Loan Origination system release testing findings, results, regulatory & legal question, and impact to current processes with in each Lending Line of Business for final implementation signoff.

          Does anyone have such a process and/or form(s) they are willing to share?

          Much appreciated.