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Product Demonstration | Real-time Detection for Payments Fraud - Join us Aug 7

August 07 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
Real-time Detection for Payments Fraud
Cross-Channel Analysis to Prevent Fraudulent Wire & ACH Transfers

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Fraudsters will use every available channel to target your institution, including exploiting the speed and convenience of ACH, wire transfers, and new payment channels for their fraudulent schemes.

Join us for a discussion on the trends and challenges facing financial institutions in combating fraudulent transfers. We will demonstrate how Verafin’s Financial Crime Management platform leverages big data intelligence for real-time detection of wires and ACH to protect your institution and customers from loss.

Highlights will include:
  • Trends in payments fraud such as Business Email Compromise, third-party scams, and first-party fraud through A2A/P2P systems, including Zelle transfers.
  • Big data intelligence for false positive reduction and payee confidence that improve alert quality by looking across the Verafin cloud for known payments into new and altered accounts.
  • Cross-channel fraud analysis with integrated Account Takeover analytics with Wire, ACH, and P2P Fraud analysis — including real-time integrations to detect unusual payments and transfers.
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    Demonstration | Mitigating and Managing Deposit Fraud Losses - Join us on June 5

    June 05 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
    Mitigating and Managing Deposit Fraud Losses
    Cross-Channel Analysis & Machine Learning for Improved Fraud Detection

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    Financial institutions across the country are facing an increasing number of deposit fraud attacks as criminals take advantage of the anonymity and convenience of ATM and mobile channels. Meanwhile, consumers are increasingly falling victim to fraud scams, which can have significant emotional and financial effects.

    Join us for an overview of Verafin's Fraud Detection and Management which includes powerful detection capabilities to mitigate losses from first-party ATM, In-Branch and Mobile deposit schemes, and protects your customers from third-party fraud scams. 
    Highlights of this software demonstration include:
    • Targeted alerts for first-party deposit fraud
    • Targeted alerts for deposit fraud scams
    • Machine Learning deposit fraud models
    • Risky Check Analysis
    • Fraud Management solutions
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      April Webinar - The Three-Legged Stool of Privacy, Data Security and Vendor Management

      You are invited to our April webinar about managing your privacy, data security and vendor management. Register for free today! If you are not able to make it to the live event, the recording will be available for download afterwards.
      Your financial institution is doing everything it can to protect consumer data, but what about your third-party vendors? With cyber breaches on the rise and a confusing patchwork of state, federal, and international privacy laws to contend with, it’s essential to have a game plan for managing privacy, data security, and vendor management at an enterprise level.

      This webinar will dive into best practices and strategies for managing and mitigating the risk of third-party vendors exposing your sensitive data. You’ll learn:

      • How data security/privacy regulations including Regulation P, GDPR, and state laws (including California and New York) impact GLBA-protected data, your institution, and your vendors
      • The biggest third-party security pitfalls
      • Strategies, processes, and safeguards for reducing third-party privacy breach risk
      • Proactive steps employees and departments can take to reduce the risk of a vendor privacy breach
      • Case studies and contingency plans for handling vendor data breaches
      It only takes one data incident to damage your financial institution’s reputation. Join us as we delve into the intersection of privacy, data security, and vendor management and highlight ways to help protect and manage vendor data privacy.

      Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to manage your privacy, data security and vendor management!

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        Remote Access Agreements

        Employee at a bank ($75MUSA)
        Our IT Auditor recommended that we have a written Remote Access Agreement from any third parties with remote connection. Is there anyone that may have this type of agreement that they would like to share.