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Educational Webinar | Employee Fraud: Understanding the Threat from Within - Join us Sept. 4

September 04 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
Employee Fraud: Understanding the Threat from Within
The role of monitoring in reducing the reputational and financial risks of internal fraud

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Financial institutions are especially vulnerable to employee fraud, as fraudsters within the organization have access to large amounts of personal identification information and financial transactional data, along with access to customer accounts. Join us as we discuss how such schemes can add up to significant fraud losses, the financial and reputational risks, and how employee fraud can also enable other illicit activity.

In this presentation, you will learn:
  • The scale of the crime of employee fraud, including the potential for losses and compliance considerations
  • Review tactics internal bad actors use to commit fraud against financial institutions
  • Best practices to mitigate losses and protect your institution from internal threats, including appropriate monitoring and fraud controls
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    Case Study | United Community Bank prepares for tomorrow and prevents more than $1M in fraud losses, today.

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    “In less than two months there’s been a clear return on our investment — that’s a significant achievement. With all our efforts, the bank has already tracked a reduction in overall fraud from 2019 versus 2018. Verafin is a large contributing factor to that success, and we expect our fraud numbers to continue to go down.”
    Greg Snell, Director of Operational Risk, United Community Bank ($12.5B)

    United Community Bank wanted a financial crime solution that would align with their vision for the future. Greg and the team chose Verafin’s consolidated Financial Crime Management platform — and within weeks of going live, they began realizing a tremendous return on their investment.

    In this case study, you will read how within four weeks, Verafin helped United Community Bank detect and prevent $335K of fraud loss, and that savings continued to grow—before the end of week seven, United had surpassed $1M in fraud prevention.

    Download the Case Study Now

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