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Due Diligence for FinTech Partnerships (Checklist)

Is your FI considering a fintech partnership? Due diligence is essential, but it can be especially tricky when partnering with fintechs. Here’s where to start…

The Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) suggest the following potential sources of information. Check out the free checklist for this great resource.

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5 Ways to Increase Value and Relevance for your Community Bank

Good day, Bankers - hope you're geared up for an awesome weekend! Today we are discussing the future of community banking and what community bankers need to do to stay relevant. We spoke with Greyson Tuck, an attorney with Gerrish Smith Tuck, which provides legal and consulting services for financial institutions, on the Ncast podcast to get his insights on the future of community banking and how to prepare for it.

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Digital Bank

EVP at a bank ($344MUSA)
We are working towards establishing a 'digital bank' and are looking for direction.  This will not be separate from our organization, just another arm where all services will be digital/electronic.  Our main focus will be business customers but this could branch out to include non-businesses as well.  We already have OLB, mobile banking, etc. etc. so it's not a matter of having all new products.  We are looking for any insight from other bankers who have done this, in process or considering it.  Any input would be appreciated!!!