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[Free Webinar Tomorrow] Where Service Meets Sales: Creating the Perfect Marriage of your Branch & Digital Channels

Working in combination, TimeTrade’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling and SilverCloud’s banking-specific support solutions allow financial institutions to deliver the right digital technology, at the right time to ensure their customers can connect to the right branch resources and staff at their precise point of need.

This webinar will highlight how banks and credit unions can leverage the integrated power of SilverCloud and TimeTrade to generate high-value appointments – whether virtually or in the branch – while reducing unnecessary friction and delivering a superior customer experience.

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    Errors and Omissions Letter

    Chief Compliance Officer at a bank ($953MUSA)
    We recently identified that due to a change in document vendors, we have some ARM loans that are missing the 45 day lookback period verbiage in the note, which will make it impossible to meet the 60 day notice requirement for rate changes.  Our compliance consultants suggested we correct the note using the errors and omissions agreement that the customer signed at closing.  Does anyone have a sample letter that they have sent to customers to notify them of a similar issue that you would be willing to share?  Or have any thoughts on how to handle this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!