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BID ARTICLE: Inquiry & Insight: Compliance, AI, Strategic Initiatives

Readers of the BID recently asked us about compliance management systems, AI to improve customer experience, and re-evaluating strategic initiatives. We provide our insight in today's article. Read Article

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    BID ARTICLE: PPP Fraud – How To Protect Your Institution

    Fraud during crises is not new. After the start of the pandemic, experts predicted billions of dollars in PPP money wouldn’t reach businesses due to fraud. We look at the areas community financial institutions should pay particular attention to. Read Article

      FinCEN released long-awaited guidance for banking hemp-related businesses

      FinCEN released their much anticipated guidance around providing banking services to hemp-related businesses. This new guidance encourages financial institutions to provide banking services to hemp-related businesses and outlines BSA/AML expectations around customer due diligence (CDD) and suspicious activity reporting. This new guidance is the first to enhance the December 3, 2019 interagency statement on providing financial services to customers engaged in hemp-related businesses. 

      Read the full blog that breaks down the new guidance here.