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Business Continuity Management: 7 Areas to Evaluate Part-Way Through A Pandemic

In a quickly changing environment, it’s possible that a plan that covered all the bases last month needs to be altered to address new factors. Is your BCP everything you need it to be?

    Remote Notary Vendor Suggestions

    Employee at a credit_union ($598MUSA)
    Geez, looks like Remote Notary vendors are slammed with bid requests. 

    Would greatly appreciate feedback on what RN services other CU's are using. For Example:

    1. Ease of negotiations, set up and use
    2. Promises vs Deliverables
    3. Security
    4. Cost
    5, Tech & Customer Support

    Thanks in advance!

      How Not to Save Money on Vendor Management

      While banks welcome more clarity when it comes to third-party vendor guidance, there are concerns about one of Bowman’s suggestions: the idea of banks pooling due diligence efforts. Sharing pooled vendor management resources is not a good idea because it overlooks these differences. Find more out HERE