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Underwriting Guidelines for Unsecured Loans

VP at a bank ($648MUSA)
We are tightening down our unsecured lending guidelines. I am curious what others are doing? Are you only allowing existing customers to obtain unsecured credit? How are you determining the amount of unsecured credit that will be extended (% of net worth or % Gross Income)? Are all unsecured credits made as installment loans or are you allowing single pays? Do you have different term limits depending on installment vs. term? Any feedback related to underwriting an unsecured loan would be appreciated.


    Employee at a bank ($264MUSA)
    Just wondering if anyone has the following types of policies they would be willing to share:
    • Condolence & Congratulations Policy – sending of flowers or gifts for employees, board members, special customers. (Death, hospitalization/illness, birth or adoption of child, marriage)
    • Birthdays and Anniversaries
    Thanks in advance.

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        Payday Lenders Policy

        CCO at a bank ($258MUSA)
        Does anyone have a policy specific to Payday Lending?  We have a customer that is a Payday Lender, and I'd like a specific policy for this customer.