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    Verafin Tour 2020 | Agenda Announced - Hot Topics at Free Seminars Near You

    Verafin Tour 2020 - Agenda Announced
    Fraud Detection & BSA/AML Regional Seminars

    Join us for a complimentary seminar in a city near you in June, as industry and product experts discuss trends in financial crime and banking technology. Get in-depth training on crime detection and investigation strategies.

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    2020 Agenda

    Fraud Trends and Technology
    Financial institutions and customers are facing growing threats from fraudsters and evolving scam scenarios, including check schemes, card compromise, online account takeover and business email compromise. In this session, industry and technology experts will outline new approaches to prevent losses and improve efficiencies in fraud management programs, including big data and machine learning.

    Industry Reflections and Predictions with Guest Speaker Jim Richards
    Former top banking executive and industry expert, Jim Richards will provide insights into the regulatory and anti-financial crime industry by reflecting on the journey that led to the current BSA/AML framework, and examine the challenges of providing actionable intelligence to law enforcement.

    Optimizing AML Investigations
    With the increasing complexity of today’s BSA/AML landscape, financial institutions are facing increasing challenges to keep pace with changing regulatory requirements, daily compliance workloads, and complex money laundering investigations. Industry and product experts will provide an overview of best practices and approaches to improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and uncover money laundering activity.

    Big Data Intelligence and the Way Forward for AML
    Big data is key to the future of AML and financial crime detection. In this special session, industry and technology experts will discuss the limitations of current approaches to detecting financial crime and provide insights into a way forward for AML by leveraging technology-enabled solutions, including data lakes and consortium data.

    Beyond Due Diligence: Best Practices for High-Risk Customer Management
    Institutions are under increased regulatory pressure to meet requirements for CDD/EDD, particularly regarding the identification, segmentation, stratification, and surveillance of FFIEC high-risk customer types. In this session, industry and product experts will discuss the benefits of a segmented, stratified approach to high-risk customer management, outline best practices for developing risk models for customers in higher-risk categories, and demonstrate how technology can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your CDD/EDD processes.

    Attendees will receive 5 CAMS, 6 CAFP, 6 CRCM credits, or may be eligible to receive up to 5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits towards industry accreditation programs, such as CFE and CFCS.

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      Infographic | Managing & Mitigating Risk - Challenges of CDD/EDD for Higher-Risk Customers

      Managing & Mitigating Risk
      Challenges of CDD/EDD for Higher-Risk Customers

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      “Although any type of customer account is potentially vulnerable to money laundering or terrorist financing, by the nature of their business, occupation, or anticipated transaction activity, certain customers and entities may pose specific risks.”
      FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual

      This infographic provides an easy-to-understand overview of high-risk customers, including expectations from examiners for risk-based procedures, a visualization of progressive methods of due diligence and suspicious activity reporting, current challenges of conventional CDD/EDD approaches, and how to strengthen compliance with an end-to-end approach to high-risk customer management.

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