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Does or has anyone found a study guide for the CERP exam? I have downloaded the one on the ABA site. However in my opinion an actually study guide would be more resourceful.

    Commercial Insurance Requirements

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    Good Afternoon, 
    We are in the process of revamping our Commercial Lending Insurance Policy. Would anyone be willing to share what your institutions policy is on Insurance? Any help is much appreciated.
    1. What does your institution require as far as Deductibles goes?
    2. What amount of coverage do you require? Do you base if off of loan amount, replacement cost or even the higher of the two?
    3. For ABA or Equipment: Does your institution utilize a blanket policy? If so, do you pass some of the cost to the borrower? 
    4. What insurance service do you currently utilize to track your Commercial\Small Business Loans? Are they able to fully track all Insurance types including Life Insurance, Equipment, ABA, and Builders Risk?

    Thank you

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        How difficult is the CAFP examination?  I currently hold ICBA designations and those were not difficult at all to obtain. Do you have any tips on areas to brush up on?

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