TOPIC: Escrow Accounts

Paying escrowed items electronically

Person at a credit_union ($395MUSA)
As our credit union grows, I am looking into streamlining mortgage servicing processes.  Currently we manually cut checks to pay escrowed homeowners insurance.  Is there an all-digital alternative that larger servicers use?  I'd be interested to hear anyone's experiences paying escrowed items using methods other than cashiers checks.  We already use Lereta for real estate taxes and State National to track insurance, but we pay the premiums manually via FICS Mortgage Servicer.

Thanks in advance.

    Replacing Signature Cards for Contractor Escrow and EB5 Escrow Accounts with DocuSign authorized signers authorization

    AVP at a bank ($5.5BUSA)
    We currently open online savings accounts without signature cards.   I am researching if we can also do away with signature cards for our Contractor Retention Escrow and EB5 Escrow accounts and use a DocuSign authorization from the authorized signers instead.   The only authorized signers on these escrow accounts are our bank officers from our institution, since our bank is the escrow agent for these accounts.  I would like to ask if any of you have adopted this process for these types of accounts in order to streamline the supersede process when there is bank officer turnaround and we need to supersede the authorized signers?  Any input on this subject would be very much appreciated.  Thank you!