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Abrigo is a leading technology provider of compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions that community financial institutions use to manage risk and drive growth. Our software automates key processes – from anti-money laundering to fraud detection to lending solutions – empowering our customers by addressing their Enterprise Risk Management needs.


Sageworks Credit Analysis

Sageworks Credit Analysis is used by banks and credit unions to perform global cash flow analysis and grow the portfolio by helping to book loans faster. Sageworks Credit Analysis automates the global analysis process, and features easy-to-use tax return input screens, automatic double counting adjustments, dynamic narrative analysis and customizable credit memos. Sageworks recently introduced a Credit Analysis solution specific to analyzing farm loans. Sageworks Credit Analysis with Agricultural Lending allows banks and credit unions to systematically and consistently build projected farm cash flows, credit spreads, and documentation to support ag concentrations. The Electronic Tax Return Reader - an enhancement to Sageworks Credit Analysis - allows banks and credit unions to auto-import data from borrower tax returns that are generated directly from select tax packages. For applicable returns, this can save the institution a significant amount of time (up to 30 minutes per return) and allow for more consistent, error-free analysis. Learn more about Sageworks Credit Analysis.

Sageworks ALLL

Sageworks ALLL is the industry-leading allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL) solution that banks and credit unions use to streamline reserve estimation, impress examiners, and reduce regulatory and accounting risk. Sageworks ALLL provides significant time savings, in some cases taking 80% less time to complete compared to using spreadsheets. The solution also helps banks reduce manual and cascading errors and removes dependency on a single person using spreadsheets. Many institutions have chosen Sageworks ALLL in an effort to start preparing the data requirements that we expect with the FASB's CECL, including monthly loan level data archives. Learn more about Sageworks ALLL.

Sageworks Risk Rating

Sageworks Risk Rating provides banks and credit unions with a comprehensive, consistent and transparent risk rating methodology. Sageworks Risk Rating helps identify problem loans early and gives insight into portfolio credit quality. It features a standardized and customizable risk rating system, thorough documentation of calculations and ratings, and in-depth reporting. Learn more about Sageworks Risk Rating here.

Sageworks Loan Administration

Sageworks Loan Administration helps bankers track document and covenant exceptions on every loan in the portfolio, while also automating client correspondence. Sageworks Loan Administration also helps reduce time consuming administration, examiner criticism and allows for proactive client communications. By integrating with an institution's core system, loan information is updated automatically for additional efficiencies. Learn more about Sageworks Loan Administration here.


BAM+ is an easy-to-use software that lets you manage your BSA/AML compliance and fraud in one place. BAM+ uses multidimensional technology that combines institution level risk thresholds, behavioral logic and typology pattern recognition to identify suspicious activity, which increases efficiencies in your workload without sacrificing missing activity. Learn more about BAM+ here.

Consulting Services

Abrigo offers a variety of consulting services. We know you are expected to do more with less and that's why our Advisory Services team was created. Our team is comprised of former bank C-suite, credit, and risk executives, and accountants, bank examiners, and BSA officers. We are better positioned to help solve problems at your institution because we've been in your position. From portfolio risk and CECL to BSA/AML and fraud, our Advisory Services team can provide the guidance you need to keep your institution on the path towards increased profitability. Learn more about our advisory services here.

MST Loan Loss Analyzer

MST's Loan Loss Analyzer (LLA) provides financial institutions with a more customizable platform for CECL automation.Institutions can manage loan portfolio risk through a rich and multifaceted solution tailored specifically for them and their reporting requirements. The LLA accommodates unique client methodologies and processes while offering the controls necessary for compliance with U.S. GAAP. Learn more about MST LLA here.

Sageworks Work Flow

Sageworks Workflow interacts with other solutions to create an end-to-end solution to reduce inefficiencies and exceptions. Banks and credit unions can streamline and customize processes for the life of the loan: data entry, loan origination, underwriting, approval, annual reviews, borrower correspondence, stress tests and impairment. With Workflow, lose fewer prospective loans by identifying and correcting delays in the credit process, and report on staff efficiency within credit workflows and the staff's pipeline. Clients also leverage Sageworks Workflow to document each step of the process for better auditability within exams and prevent incomplete credit files and document exceptions with standardized steps. Learn more about Workflow here.

Abrigo Stress Testing

Abrigo Stress Testing helps banks and credit unions assess potential risk in portfolio stress scenarios, with a flexible platform that allows for individual loan, institution level and concentration stress tests. Abrigo Stress Testing allows bankers to evaluate how economic conditions would impact risk and cash flow on individual loans, estimate risk within specific segments of the portfolio and calculate potential impact. Abrigo Stress Testing also provides granular data that can be used to evaluate risk appetites, credit policies and concentration limits. Abrigo Stress Testing allows for the creation of what-if scenarios, and provides easy documentation and presentation of results to help quickly satisfy regulatory expectations. Learn more about Abrigo Stress Testing here.