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As a leading nationwide banker’s bank, PCBB was created to help community-based financial institutions remain effective and competitive. We provide fellow bankers with high-quality, competitively-priced correspondent banking solutions and personalized service. PCBB provides a comprehensive set of products and services covering multiple areas important to our customers, including: correspondent and commercial banking, hedging, and international. PCBB also offers a variety of consulting services.


International Services


Offer your customers international services - don't send them to the competition. Use PCBB's platform or your existing platform.

Generate fee income by meeting your customers' international banking needs. With PCBB as your silent partner, you can offer international payments, competitive rates, 24-hour foreign banknote delivery, and the flexibility that comes with no minimum or maximum transaction amounts.


  • Foreign Wire Transfers (Foreign Currency and US Dollar)
  • Foreign Cash Letters/Clean Collections (Foreign Currency and US Dollar)
  • NEW: Check Imaging for Canadian Cash Letters (Quicker availability of funds vs. paper processing)
  • Foreign Currency Orders/Shipments
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Forward Contracts
  • Assistance with Reg. E compliance as it relates to international consumer payments
  • Foreign Drafts

As international trade continues to grow, demand for a fast and reliable way to transfer incoming and
outgoing funds globally has steadily increased. Leverage your domestic wire platform utilizing
Financial International Transfer (FIX), an automated international wire transfer solution.

Financial International Transfer (FIX)

  • Convenient solution delivers straight through wire processing
  • Eliminates the need for dual entry or manual postings
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Supports US dollar and foreign exchange payments
  • Includes unlimited access to PCBB’s in-house investigations team

National C&I Program


Boost your organic loan growth needs with PCBB’s C&I Loan Program. Fully-funded floating rate loans with globally recognized brands can quickly be added to your portfolio.

We work with you to craft a program that’s structured with your success in mind:

  • You’re off to a fast and simplified start with our underwriting jumpstart package
  • You have direct access to PCBB’s team of credit analysts, and the security of knowing we’re continually monitoring performance metrics
  • You can feel secure in knowing loans meet regulatory guidelines and borrowers are screened and selected based on their ability to provide you with a reasonable return
  • You are proactively educated and guided on regulatory compliance; once you know what your due diligence steps are, you’ll feel well-prepared to participate in the program

Loan Participations (buy and sell)


Meet loan growth needs when you buy or sell loan participations that may be over your limit, or in sectors that you wish to diversify into or out of. Reduce concentration risk and increase portfolio diversification.

Borrower's Loan Protection (BLP)


This unique loan hedging solution enables you to give your customer the fixed-rate payment structure they want while your institution gets the floating rate loan on your books that you want.


  1. You issue a floating rate loan and the customer signs the required floating rate loan documents
  2. Your customer signs a Rate Protection Agreement (RPA) with PCBB that provides the fixed rate for the desired term
  3. Your institution works with PCBB to settle the required payments due under both contracts (the floating rate loan on your books and the rate protection agreement with PCBB)
  4. Your customer remains your customer and makes a single loan payment to you
  5. There are no collateral requirements, capital charges, Dodd Frank, or derivative accounting issues for your institution

Cash Management Services


Real time cash management solutions for community banks. Gain access to Settlement/Clearing, "As Agent" services and Domestic Wire services that are tailored to increase your profitability. Additionally, PCBB’s dedicated staff is available to provide you with the highest level of personalized customer service.



  • Reflects real time FRB transactions
  • Earn market rates on overnight investments
  • Eliminate FRB daylight/overnight overdraft penalty concerns
  • Competitive earnings credit rate on cash balances

Domestic Wires

  • Multi-level backup
  • OFAC notifications
  • Provide contingency backup
  • Late wire accommodations & group wires
  • Incoming/outgoing wire notifications

"As Agent"

  • Reduce credit risk by redistribution of funds across multiple, strongly capitalized banks
  • Automatically sweeps all excess balances into overnight fed funds or the Federal Reserve Bank Excess Reserve Account
  • Funds & interest automatically reinvested into your account daily
  • Quarterly monitoring of purchasing banks & compliance with Regulation F
  • No added fees for drawdowns and incoming investment wires

CBC Online

  • Reporting
  • ACH services
  • OFAC services
  • Electronic wires
  • Track account activity
  • ABA table look-up tool
  • Historical data & capture sorting
  • Secure, user friendly platform
  • Eliminate need for Fedline
  • Advantage & FedWeb
  • TranCode Sorting

Relationship Profitability (ProfitIntel)


With ProfitIntel, you get a web-based relationship pricing model and group analytics across your entire customer base—by profitability, cross-sell opportunities, large balance fluctuations, targeted recommendations, and loan maturities and renewals.


  • Improves performance with returns often many times more than the annual subscription fee
  • Increase revenue of unprofitable customer segments
  • Simulate the impact to profitability for a given change in a customer’s relationship
  • Can function as a stand-alone profitability calculator or integrate with the bank’s core system
  • Access to professionals who can assist banks in developing strategies to enhance shareholder value


  • Affordable Web-based solution with no infrastructure cost
  • Quantitative look at key performance drivers
  • House-holding / Account linking of customers across products and services
  • Dynamic pricing functionality regarding capital, loan risk, and cost assumptions
  • 360-degree view of your client’s relationship
  • Customer simulation capabilities
  • Identify lifetime risk-adjusted profitability
  • Valuation of Floors, Ceilings and Deposits
  • Probability of Default
  • Data Mining tools

CECL-Readiness with ALLLq


An integrated solution to ensure your bank is CECL-compliant. A robust framework supporting all 7 CECL methods, to objectively and consistently calculate your loan loss reserve for today’s ALLLQ guidelines, while allowing you to collect data and test assumptions as you prepare for CECL.

  • Streamline concurrent data processing with current and CECL models

  • Consistent and knowledge-based assumptions for Life of Loan future look

  • Historical data maintained independent of your core for flexibility and peace of mind

  • Bank experts available for ongoing support and successful model implementation

Integrated Risk Management (ALM)


Stay ahead of shifting regulatory and accounting requirements with a solution that employs powerful analytics and expert consultation, and delivers robust tiered reporting.

Our service is a comprehensive solution that fully addresses interest rate risk and the four specific risk management components described in the JPS:

  • Identify sources and nature of risk
  • Measure and quantify baseline risk and evaluate strategic alternatives
  • Monitor current position and risk trends to evaluate strategies
  • Identify tactics to comply with risk, return limits and meet goals


  • Completely turnkey solution to help you identify sources/nature of IRR
  • Professionals to help you leverage reports as you evaluate strategies
  • Full coverage and simulation of Economic Value (Static & Forward), Income (Net Interest Income & Net Income), GAP ( Repricing & Liquidity) and Cash Flow (Sources & Uses)
  • Immediate rate shocks up to 400bp and ramped/dynamic shocks to 800bp

Credit Stress Analyzer (CSA)


In-depth historical data analysis to satisfy the regulatory expectations of your loan portfolio stress testing. Let us do the intensive data crunching so you can focus on your overall risk management program.


  • Provides a cost effective outsourced solution that saves your bank time and money
  • Satisfies regulatory expectations by helping you quantify loan risk and present any impact on capital adequacy
  • Stresses all of your loan sectors - not just commercial real estate
  • Gives you specific strategic actions to take to manage your bank’s risk


  • Can be calibrated to generate stress scenarios specific to your bank
  • Analyzes current and historical trends of your bank and for your lending area
  • Is a risk-adjusted approach that helps you analyze probability of default (“PD”), loss given default (“LGD”) and exposure at default (“EAD”)
  • Helps you quickly comply with regulatory guidance requirements to stress test your loan portfolio and address constantly changing market and economic variables
  • Experts provide you, your board & your management team direct interpretation of the results and presentations