InfoGPS Network, Inc. and CBANC Education present: Understanding the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

on by Monica Howeth, Education Specialist

It’s a pleasant surprise to most that CBANC offers online education, at your fingertips, through live webinar events and an extensive library of On-Demand replays.  We work with a variety of speakers, all passionate about what they know, to bring you current on the details surrounding topics from payments to compliance.

We recently hosted Paul Hugenberg, co-founder and CEO of InfoGPS Networks, Inc., to break down the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) into terms that are actionable and easy to understand for the overwhelmed financial professional.  

The primary objective of the CAT is to help financial institutions better safeguard customer information.  Much of the content dates back to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. But the CAT modernizes those efforts by helping financial institutions rank their readiness across these requirements in terms of Maturity: Baseline, Evolving, Intermediate, Advanced, & Innovative.

Mr. Hugenberg takes us through the timeline that leads us to where we are today, with the FFIEC CAT expected to become required in 2017.  With new expectations, a breakdown of the components, and a solid starting place for your FI’s positioning, Paul then walks us through, in great details, the inherent risks and maturity level matrices.

With best approaches and practices offered, as well as an open door for follow up consultation, the time shared with Mr. Hugenberg is a great value available at your convenience.

Access the replay for your financial institution, with unlimited playbacks to bring your entire team up to speed.  CBANC also offers an All-Access Membership, with the entire live event calendar and on-demand catalogue at your fingertips for a minimal annual cost.  Ready to start?  Contact today!

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About the Author:

Monica Howeth
Education Specialist