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CBANC Marketplace simplifies the new buyer journey by connecting your products with the financial institutions actively looking for them.

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Easily add each of your products to the CBANC Marketplace to increase discoverability with over 8,600 Community Banks and Credit Unions in the U.S. With access to the CBANC Seller Portal, you control what content, documents, videos and images you share to ensure your product is included in the consideration set of prospects.

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Get Qualified Leads

Be confident that the leads passed to your sales team are actual people versus bots or spam. The exclusive CBANC Marketplace allows you to control the message you deliver to prospects so that the leads you receive are highly qualified and further down the sales funnel.

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“CBANC is such an important channel for us - it’s completely verified financial professionals. With a lot of the other traditional channels you pursue from a marketing perspective, there’s always going to be a lot of people that don’t fit your customer profile; we don’t have that problem with CBANC.”

Guy Weismantel
Chief Marketing Officer at Ncontracts

“CBANC is one of our top partners for highly qualified lead generation.”

- Engageware

Influence Buyers

Use sponsored content that educates and informs to target in-market buyers with the information they need to make decisions. CBANC Marketplace offers multiple ways for your brand to add value to Community Banks and Credit Unions to help them compete.

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Ratings & Reviews

Referrals and references from peers are a critical component of the purchase process for financial institutions. In CBANC Marketplace, every review is from an actual employee of a community bank or credit union. Monitor how your customers feel about your products to inform your roadmap and messaging.

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