Lendwell Enters Partnership With E2 Lending

on by Allen King, Marketing Manager

Lendwell, a CBANC company, today announced it has entered a partnership with E2 Lending to expand the range of products available for its customers. With this partnership, Lendwell expands their resources to serve financial institutions with limited or no mortgage programs. These new offerings align with Lendwell’s mission to simplify and provide savings in the mortgage lending process.

“We strive to give financial institutions access to the best-in-service tools in the mortgage lending space,” said Gabe Flores, General Manager of Lendwell. “Our mission is to provide resources to elevate an institution’s ability to be successful in servicing their customers and our partnership with E2 Lending helps us do that.”

E2 Lending provides a suite of mortgage programs to small-medium sized community banks and credit unions that have expressed an interest in expanding their lending abilities, but aren’t ready to add the necessary staff or take on the additional risk required. Within the suite is a full-service mortgage fulfillment center, with expertise in FHA loans, VA loans, and more.

“We make it simple to grow your lending operation, increase profitability, and avoid losing your members to the lender next door” said Anthony Senerchia of E2 Lending. “Whether you currently offer 15- & 30-year mortgages, but lack FHA and VA products, or you have no residential mortgage products at all, E2 Lending can fill the gap by underwriting, closing and funding these loans for you. Generating you more revenue and keeping your client happy.”

E2’s Lending products will expand the mortgage product offerings currently available through Lendwell. It joins settlement services, flood determination, automated valuation models, and more. Access to these products are included at no extra cost to all new and current CBANC Network members.

For more information or to start using Lendwell today, visit www.cbancnetwork.com/lendwell.

About Lendwell

Lendwell, a CBANC company, empowers small and mid-sized banks and credit unions to provide the nation’s best settlement services and drive down time and lending costs through the power of community. Lendwell’s mission is to provide the resources needed to enable financial institutions to better service their customers. In 15 years, Lendwell has helped hundreds of lenders save millions of dollars and thousands of labor hours.

About E2 Lending

E2 Lending is a wholesale & correspondent lender providing third-party origination services to brokers, community banks and credit unions. E2 Lending provides a diverse lineup of Conventional, FHA, USDA, Non-Agency Jumbo and Non-QM loan products.

About CBANC:

We are the professional network for the banking industry, powering the largest online community of banks and credit unions in the world. Every business day, CBANC helps thousands of verified financial professionals and their institutions make more intelligent vendor decisions, navigate compliance challenges, and answer questions.

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About the Author:

Allen King
Marketing Manager